You Can Play Floppy Disk Games On Your Phone

I don't mean "oh you can play old games on your phone", everyone knows that. I mean playing old games using an actual floppy disk drive.

This video by LGR shows how its done, using a phone's USB port to hook up a drive, get it working and read by the phone and then allowing you to play ancient PC games like, in this case, Commander Keen.

Obviously this is a guide for Android phones. This is... not really an iPhone kinda deal.


    Omg as a child of the 80s and very early 90's... that disk reading sound was SO SATISFYING!!!!

      Then if you haven't watched Lazy Game Reviews, I highly recommend you check it out

      I had the video muted, but when you mentioned that sound, it played perfectly in my head.

    I cannot wait to fire up Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. Nothing says old school more than incessant disk swapping.

    I cannot recommend LGR enough if you're into retro PC gaming and gadgets. Clint does amazing work and it's one of my favourite Youtube channels.

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