A Tour Of Spider-Man's Marvel Universe Easter Egg Locations

Image: Activision

Now that Spider-Man is out, there are a ton of really cool nods to fellow characters within the Marvel universe that also call New York City home. I swung around the city and captured ten of my favourites to give newcomers a little tour of the city.

There are no story spoilers in this video, but if you don’t want to see anything in the game before you play it, steer clear.


    I've been getting a kick outta the Marvel universe landmarks peppered about the city too.

    That and the bloody amazing Scarlet Spider suit!

    You couldn't throw in a few pics and or just write about a couple of them for readers who can't watch the video due to being at work or whatever? No? (In b4 people saying I should be working at work- bugger off, I'm on my smoko!)

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