Aussie Cosplayer Transforms Into Mai Shiranui, Thanks To Plenty Of Padding

Screenshot: AmenoKitarou

Australian cosplayer A.K. Wirru pulled off a terrific cosplay of iconic fighting game character Mai Shiranui. Here’s how he did it.

For his Mai cosplay, he decided to recreate the character’s physical proportions.

Making sure everything matched his skin tone.

He also constructed a lower body suit.

But that’s not all that was needed for the Mai cosplay.

The finished cosplay looks great.

Wirru even included a secret compartment to hide snacks!


    OK, usually cosplaying the opposite gender is meant to take the piss.

    But to go for accuracy, that has to be an ingenious twist!

      I'm outraged that he didn't model the nipples (I mean, I'm assuming that Mai Shiranui has nipples).

        Also for @weresmurf.

        She does ..... I'm the one who has kept them in a cast iron box all these years.


        Ohhhh but I did. And she does.

    I feel violated,at this moment


    I feel like boob pockets are something we could all use, way more handy than a backpack or purse

    Seriously chest pockets to hold snacks in like that seems so handy

    Those photos really are a ballsup of gender identity...

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