Kick Down Some Doors For Bugger All

Imagine a slightly less complicated Frozen Synapse, but you're controlling a SWAT Team. Now imagine it's a game that's quite good, and also $4.19 ($US3).

That's the deal for Door Kickers over at, although you can also get a 2-for-1 deal for $6.98 ($US5). Fun difference if you haven't checked Door Kickers out in ages since early access or the initial launch: the game was patched late last year with co-op multiplayer, hence the 2-for-1 deal.

Door Kickers has been on Steam for years — over half a decade if you count the Greenlight process — but it's still got a 94% user rating from over 4500 users on Valve's platform. The game's $US19.99 over there, mind you, so pick it up for substantially less here.

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    Highly recommend. Fun game to sink hours into, especially when you manage to get it all done with one plan

    Seems to have ended - bugger.

    On closer inspection their deals only last 24 hours (changes at 9am Pacific time).

    Last edited 18/09/18 9:16 am

    So it looks like that was a past deal and no even valid today. That is pretty annoying.

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