Report: An Animated Diablo Series Is Coming To Netflix

The dread Diablo peers out from the box art for Diablo 3. (Image: Blizzard Entertainment)

Hail the prime evil.

Variety is reporting — thanks to a hastily-deleted tweet from Boom Studios founder and Hellboy screenwriter Andrew Cosby, confirming he’s in “final talks” to headline the series — that the recently rumoured Netflix adaptation of Blizzard’s classic loot-hoarding, demon-slaying action RPG series Diablo is really happening.

And specifically, it’s happening in a manner similar to Netflix’s other recent demon-adjacent video game adaptation, the excellent Castlevania: It’ll be animated, too.

There’s no other details on the show yet — hence the deleted tweets. So we can probably expect an announcement relatively soon, or perhaps a look at the show at Blizzard’s annual fan convention BlizzCon, which opens in Anaheim, California on November 2.

But now that the loot’s out of the treasure goblin’s sack, so to speak, maybe we’ll be getting more details about Blizzard and Netflix’s new pact sooner rather than later.


    The animated short for d3 was actually very good too.

      It was directed by Peter Chung, who made Æon Flux. I was hoping for more. Oh well.

    Hail the prime evil.

    First netflix series with dlc and lootboxes?

    I only got around to playing through Witcher 2 earlier this year so it's still pretty fresh in my mind. This is great, thanks!

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