Metalocalypse And Aeon Flux Makers Team Up On This Official Diablo III Animated Short

Well before the events depicted in Blizzard's forthcoming Diablo III, there was a great war between archangels and demons. This short film by Aeon Flux's Peter Chung and Metalocalypse animation house Titmouse, depicts "a fundamental moment in the battle between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells."

Basically, it shows Diablo coming face to face with the archangel Imperius, and the decision of what to do with him afterwards. Also, it is very cool.

"What hope can there be when even the wrath of angels cannot be quenched?"

I don't know! I guess that maybe… this situation calls for a hero.


    That was pretty damn awesome! :D


    I'm... rpging... for... the...

    Demon Hunter taller than a tree,
    Monk not a bumblebee,
    Demon Hunter Hunter Hunter,
    Wizard doodily doo ding dong doodily doodily doo,

    i came a little


    My "friend" refuses to return my Metalocalypse boxed sets... so mad.

    Yeah, that was pretty sweet. I'd be much happier with the Diablo series if they had instead made a prequel where you play as an Angel.

    So we get to kill Imperious too. Great. Care to make the plot less predictable?

      Yeah, that is pretty predictable.
      What I'm hoping they'll do instead of having us walk down that road, is that Imperious will decide to fight evil alongside the humans. You'll recall in Diablo 2 Tyrael didn't couldn't help us fight everything because something about angels aren't supposed to be helping humans or some shit. Instead he got to stay back at the fortress drinking tea and eating crumpets with Cain.

      Imperious on the other hand might want to just kill all evil and - since that's also your objective - potentially team up with you.

    That was amazing. Wish they'd make a proper series out of it.

    Hey Kirk, "What hope will there be when even the warth of angels cannot be quenched?".

    You know what i actually took out of that entire experience - the thing i remember the most out of what i just saw?


    That bird at the end that says "Chirp" in a really bored sounding voice ^_^ I might be broken

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