The Gaming Chairs Of The Tokyo Game Show

Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku

Every year, the Tokyo Game Show seems to have a specific theme. One year, there was a plethora of mobile games and another year VR was getting all the buzz. This year, there are certainly a good number of gaming chairs.

DXRacer and AKRacing even have their own booths, which are filled with gaming chairs for people to get butts-on impressions.

Screenshot: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku
Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku
Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku
Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku

This year is truly the year of gaming chairs.


    I think this is really cool. No longer do we have to be content with office chairs. Gone are the days of using a spare chair from the dining table. Now we have GAMER chairs. For twice the price. But look how nice they are!

      They are a lot more comfortable for long sitting sessions than most office chairs or dining room chairs though. I have a DXRacer one for my home office where I spent anywhere up to 16 hours a day in it, and it's been a lot better on my comfort, posture and back than the mesh office chair I had prior - and cheaper than it, too.

        Yeah totally agree. I have an AK Racing chair for my home office and love it. So much more comfortable than my offfice chair.

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