Watch Batman: The Animated Series' Opening Titles, Remastered In Glorious High-Definition

Such a mood. (Gif: Batman: The Animated Series)

After years of waiting, soon we will finally get to experience one of the greatest interpretations of the Dark Knight in full 1080p HD. But while we wait for Batman: The Animated Series to hit Blu-ray in a couple of months, Warner Bros. has offered a little tease of just how good it will look.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment dropped the first look at the remaster in action in the form of the show’s beloved, atmospheric opening titles, and... hell yes, they absolutely do hold up in crisp clean HD.

But of course, our memories are always going to fudge just how it looked before remastering. So the good news is IGN has a side-by-side comparison between the new titles and the previously released version, and the difference is stark:

It’s great to see this show finally getting the treatment it deserves.

Batman: The Complete Animated Series hits Blu-ray in the US October 30, and the first two remastered seasons of the show will stream exclusively in the US on DC Universe starting September 15. Unfortunately there's been no announcement yet regarding when the service or the Blu-ray will be available in Australia.


    I hope WB brings these Blurays to Australia, I’d love to buy them several times

    Ah hearing that score gives me chills. Absolutely fantastic.

    It's maybe erring on the too sharp in a few shots. Will be interesting to see how the episodes look.

    Never the less, I can't really imagine a scenario where I don't pick this up as soon as it gets a local release.

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