Community Review: Dragon Quest XI

Community Review: Dragon Quest XI

Now that everyone’s had the requisite amount of time to carve through a JRPG as large as Dragon Quest 11, it’s time to find out what you all thought about it.

Something that’s fascinating to me is how Dragon Quest 11 will probably be the last major game to get a simultaneous release on the PS4 and the 3DS. The technical challenges of developing concurrently on both platforms isn’t really worth it for most studios, even those with experience working on the Nintendo handheld. Still, it’s fascinating to see the differences:

ImageImage: Hachima
ImageImage: Hachima

Anyway, I just wanted to call that out briefly. As for the game itself, resident Dragon Quest expert Tim Rogers assures me that it’s the best in the series.

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Dragon Quest 11 is the best game in the 32-year-old series.

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Tips For Playing Dragon Quest 11

It’s understandable if Dragon Quest 11 is your first Dragon Quest — there hasn’t been a new single-player home console entry in the series since 2004. It’s equally understandable if the ocean of old-fashioned menus and battle mechanics crammed into this 100-hour game terrifies you. Well, I’ve been loving Dragon Quest for 30 years. I’m here with a video full of 11 tips.

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As someone who never got on the Dragon Quest train — and even though Dragon Quest 11 is much like Final Fantasy 15 in that you don’t need prior Dragon Quest knowledge — the prospect of jumping into an 100+ hour experience is a little daunting. Especially when the season is already full of gargantuan games, and I’ve still got older things like Persona 5 that I really should play but don’t want to spend a week of annual leave playing.

But Tim had a suggestion, and I’d like to put it to Dragon Quest veterans to see whether it holds up:

Maybe this is the only tip you need, though: Just chill with it. I played Dragon Quest 11 over the course of a year, about a half an hour at a time, after taking a shower and before going to bed. I have played many Dragon Quest games this way, and I’ll keep playing them this way. They’re bedtime stories.

Is that a good way to experience Dragon Quest 11, and Dragon Quest in general? And as for the overall game, how’s the grind and dungeons been?


  • Tim’s had a long and complex relationship to Dragon Quest, (not sure if they’re still around, but his reviews of the older games on Insert Credit are classics of the genre) so if he says that about DQ11, it carries some weight.

    As for me, I’m waiting for the Switch version.

    • They just announced at TGS that it will be called “Dragon Quest XI S”, but no release date or any other information except that the Japanese version will come with voice overs (the original Japanese release had no voice overs). My guess is that it won’t be released until at least next year.

  • I’m about 20 hours in at the moment and am enjoying it. But the combat is pretty dull coming from Octopath Traveller. Although its great that combat is pretty quick and as low effort as you want it to be at times (giving AI control of characters).

    The silent protagonist seems more glaringly out of place in this than any other game I’ve played.

  • Currently 90 hours in the game, including my 15 hours of casino afk auto slot machine.

    From what I can tell, I am only maybe 50-60% into the game. True jrpg and dq.

  • Played the Japanese version for 160 hours and got all the trophies. It was a brilliant game. Pretty much loved everything about it and the voice acting and other additions in the Western version of the game are welcome.

  • I am trying to like it but the music is driving me crazy, Also the unnecessary extra stuff per battle. The mini scene where the mobs do a little introductory dance (cute for the first few times), then at the end of the battle you have to click to say its ended, then click to XP window, then the loot window if you have any.

    But my main concern is how truly terrible the game looks on PS4 PRO, especially in the opening grass land scenes, everything is just a pixelated blur, when ever you are moving. Its a shame I am really trying to enjoy it but when you have a good tv and good console and it looks like a mess, it is hard to stay interested.

    The other issue I have is the save system. It is hard to believe computer games have come so far and yet some can still launch with subpar save systems like this one. Let me just save my game at any point I choose. Seriously, I have lost count how many times I have stopped playing because i know i only have ten minutes left and I cant guarantee by the end of that time I will find my next save spot. So i end up stopping there and then.

    • All valid criticisms. One of my major problems with JRPGs is how drawn out and repetitive the post fight sequences are. There is a lot to love about Persona 5 but I had to stop playing because I couldn’t handle the intro and outro of each battle any more. They look great and the music is some of the best in any game I’ve played but I still don’t want to click through the same screen thousands of times.

      That said, I don’t think its tooooo bad in DQ11. Its relatively quick compared to other JRPGs.

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