Harley Quinn's First Trailer Breaks The Fourth Wall To Take Jabs At DC And Marvel

Batman stopping by Arkham to check in on Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. (Image: DC Universe)

Harley Quinn is one of DC’s most iconic characters — and it all began with her first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series. DC Universe’s upcoming Harley Quinn series is taking the antihero back to her animated roots, and the show’s first trailer is a delightful peek at just what all we can expect from this incarnation of the character.

As is often the case, Harley’s (voiced here by Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco) in gaol once again and bunking with Poison Ivy, but rather than simply scheming about how they’re going to break out, the Harley Quinn teaser establishes the show’s meta-ness by having the pair speak directly to the audience about the big picture.

Ivy’s (Lake Bell) not convinced anyone’ll actually like Harley Quinn, but Harley’s confident we will if for no other fact that it isn’t a depressing drag like many of DC’s other series and, unlike FX’s once-planned Deadpool series, the Harley show’s actually going to be released to the public.

It’s lifting a little from Deadpool’s book with its wall-breaking schtick, but it works perfectly for Harley.

DC Universe’s Harley Quinn premieres in 2019.


    Can't wait for episode 2 to see her in booty shorts and a crop top.

    So.... the DC Universe thing is coming to Australia yeah? Wait, it’s not? Well yo hoho it is then

      Titans is coming to Netflix, according to there Facebook page, for us. So, I would assume that this will too.

    I'm impressed, Cuoco does a good job of sounding both like previous Harleys and her own thing.
    And apparently I recognise Lake Bell from those few times she shows up as Mr Peanutbutter's ex-wife.

      Razor, can I have some of the drugs you are on?

      Sure, she is better then her other BBT counterpart Melissa Rauch, who was borderline atrocious in her piss poor effort of Harls, but to say she sounds like Arleen Sorkin too, and saying it is a good job?? Or do you mean Tara Strong, who is still far superior to Kaley?

      Either way, Kaley's voice, and the script in the trailer comes off just way too try hard, and piss poor Deadpool type humour for me to even think this is going to be any good. Guess I am one of the haters Ivy spoke about. I guess that is a modern way to cover up a shit show, by calling anyone who dislikes it a "hater". *rolls eyes*

      On a side note, WTF is going on at DC, that they have now hired two of the BBT girls to voice Harls? Is Tara Strong on some banned list or something??

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