The Art Of STONE

Around this time last year we talked a little bit about STONE, the indie detective noir game featuring an almost-permanently baked koala. The game's since launched on PC, consoles and mobiles, but it's still nice to check out the concept art behind it all.

The work below is from Russian artist Ivan Pozdnyakov, who has a bit of skill when it comes to stylised creations. Below you'll see a compliation of Pozdnyakov's work on STONE, and some of the work from his personal portfolio as well.


Here's 15 Minutes From That Stoner Koala Detective Game

Everyone's busy talking about iPhone this and that, so let's switch tack a little. To that game about the private investigator that's also a stoned koala.

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    Great art. Very much inspired by Jamie Hewlett (probably little too much in that last image) but I'll be checking it out when/if it's on something that isn't PC.

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