Two Melbourne Homes Searched Over GTA 5 Cheat Infamous

In one of the strongest moves against video game cheats in Australia to date, the Federal Court of Australia issued a search warrant for two homes in Melbourne late last month in relation to the sale and distribution of a GTA cheat.

First reported by Torrentfreak, the Federal Court identified the software as “Infamous” and outlines several of its features, including teleporting, generating virtual currency, god mode, super jump and more:

The Respondent be restrained until the Return Date (as defined in Annexure D) from, whether by themselves, their servants, agents or otherwise, developing, distributing, selling and offering for sale any version of the software titled “Infamous” or any software that provides a player (Player) of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) access to unauthorised or restricted features in GTA V, including any of the following features:

(a) teleporting the Player within the GTA V game environment;
(b) manipulating the GTA V game environment and virtual currency for the benefit of the Player;
(c) generating virtual currency for the Player and other players of GTA V;
(d) the “god mode” feature;
(e) the “super jump” feature;
(f) generating “Reputation Points” for the Player, without completing any required in-game tasks or missions;
(g) creating copies of virtual currency, virtual goods or other in-game objects for the Player or other players of GTA V; and
(h) providing the Player with access to unlimited ammunition, weapons and vehicles.


A video of the cheat in action, which BBC reports went offline half a year ago, can be seen below.

Along with executing a search on two homes in Melbourne, the court also ordered the assets of five individuals be frozen. Proceedings were later narrowed down to a single individual, with the court lifting some of the previous suppression orders.

It’s a strong action by the court, and it’ll be intriguing to read the case transcript once that becomes available. The case is due back in court at the end of the month.


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