A Bioware Animator Has Made An Awesome Short Film (Slightly NSFW)

EA’s Dante’s Inferno, released back in 2010, is a game you probably haven’t thought about in almost a decade. But animator Tal Peleg is out here doing superfan work, bringing the series back with a professionally made short film.

Peleg - currently at Bioware, formerly of Naughty Dog, and creator of the Joel x Banderas gif - has been working on this thing for years.

We posted about his first trailer back in 2014, but the first part of his project is now out and available for viewing below.

NSFW warning: there are tiny dicks.

If you’d like to read more on how he’s making the film, Peleg has a behind-the-scenes section on his site, where he details his inspiration, his processes and shouts out some of the help he’s had along the way.


    Dante's Inferno was an interesting concept. Not great execution and some very questionable marketing, but the visual design side of it was excellent and it probably deserved a bit better than the complete drubbing it got.

    I can't even say why for certain, but I genuinely loved this game when it came out. Played through it multiple times! This was bad ass and makes me wish they'd revisit this again...

    If ever there was a game/series begging for a reboot...

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