A Young Thief Gets More Than She Bargained For In This Look Inside The Stone King

You’d probably know to expect more than you bargained for from any Shadow of the Colossus-ian encounter with a giant stony behemoth. But the protagonist of The Stone King has a few more things on her mind in this gorgeous look inside one of Comixology’s latest original series.

Announced as part of the second wave of Comixology’s creator-owned original series at San Diego Comic-Con this year, The Stone King — by Kel McDonald and Tyler Crook — is a four-issue miniseries that follows the life of Ave, a young thief in a fantastical realm who scrapes out a living by stealing moss off of the back of the titular Stone King.

That is, until one day — as you’ll see in Kotaku‘s exclusive preview of issue one below — Ave finds more than just some lucrative moss, and hopes it’ll be her ticket out of a life of petty crime. But nothing in her life is ever easy, and soon enough Ave finds that her latest score has drawn the Stone King’s ire. Check out the heist that will change Ave’s life forever in our teaser of The Stone King’s first issue below, making its debut here on Kotaku:

The first issue of The Stone King will be available next Wednesday, November 14, directly through Comixology and Amazon. The Stone King and all other comics under the Comixology Originals banner are also available to read as part of subscriptions to Prime Reading, Kindle Unlimited, and Comixology Unlimited.


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