Amazon Accidentally Leaked Next Week’s Doctor Who Episode

Amazon Accidentally Leaked Next Week’s Doctor Who Episode

Amazon Prime subscribers started experiening something odd yesterday. When they sat down to watch the latest episode of Doctor Who, ‘Kerblam!’, were treated to something else instead… next week’s episode, ‘The Witchfinders’.


The following thread popped up on Reddit earlier today, and was followed by a stream of comments from people who were experiencing the same issue.

We bought the season pass for the 11th on Amazon Prime (Apple TV). Wife and I sat down to catch up on last Sunday’s episode "Kerblam!" But the TV app is rendering next weeks episode, "The Witchfinders." from doctorwho

The problem was occuring for those who bought ‘Kerblam’ as a standalone episode or were trying to watch it as part of the Doctor Who season pass.

Some users reported jumping in chat with Amazon Prime, whose reps confirmed that the wrong episode had been uploaded onto the streaming service.

Update November 23: Amazon has now confirmed that the error has been fixed.

If you’d like to watch every other season of Doctor Who since 2005 in the correct order, Stan has them all.

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