AMD Has A New GPU (It's Not 7nm, Though)

Image: AMD

It won't compete with the $1000-plus beasts from Nvidia any time soon, but if you were looking for a more affordable mid-range offering to tide you over, AMD has something new.

Based on the same Polaris architecture that's underpinned the last couple of years of AMD's GPU offerings, the RX 590 will launch in Australia from late November.

Based on the ASUS ROG Strix, which is the first AIB offering to announce local availability, pricing for the RX 590 will be around the $469 mark. Most local outlets are currently selling the RX 580 8GB model from $380, compared to the GTX 1060, which is roughly the same price at most major computer retailers (although RamCity are selling one Gigabyte model for an absurd $262).

Here's the reference spec for the RX 590:

AMD Radeon RX 590 Specs
Memory 8GB GDDR5
Base Speed 1469MHz
Boost Speed 1545MHz
CUs 36
Texture Units 144
Stream Processors 2304
Memory Bandwidth 256GB/s
Memory Interface 256-bit
Output DisplayPort 1.4 HDR, HDMI (4K/60)

AMD has announced a three-game bundle for the RX 590 as well, and it's not a bad selection of games: Capcom's Resident Evil 2 remaster, The Division 2, and Devil May Cry 5. It's not available locally yet, however, so you'll have to stick to the AIB cards when they become available.


    Fractionally faster than the FX580 for a good $140aud more.. no thanks.

    RX580 is $329 btw.

    Last edited 16/11/18 5:24 pm

    Needs to lose $100 off the price (although it should be noted, ASUS have been charging silly price premiums recently).

    Otherwise, second hand 1070's can be available for the price, and Vega 56 (which currently outperforms a 1080 in BFV btw) can be had for $500 at times as well.

      I was expecting the next AMD announcement to be for their next gen. Consider me whelmed.

        The rumours I've seen were for a Polaris refresh (i.e. these cards), with the primary customer for the next generation being Sony.

        So we probably won't hear much about a new generation AMD chip until closer to the PlayStation 5 launch, whenever that will be.

          AMD are giving the keynote at CES next year. We'll hear more then about the 7nm gear.

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