Guy Is Cosplaying As Preston Garvey In Fallout 76

Things have been a little grim for Fallout 76 since (and even before) launch, so some fans are trying to make their own fun with the game. Like RpTheHotrod, who is running around the wastelands of West Virginia pretending to be Fallout 4's Preston Garvey, defender of Settlements.

It’s achieved by combining “several audio clips that can create entire conversations entirely with Preston’s voice”. Via PC Gamer, he’s doing a very good job:

Shame there aren’t any actual settlements in Fallout 76. Or many people who will hear this, since without push-to-talk most folks are playing the game muted. But he’s out there havin’ fun, and that’s all we can ask of those braving the post-apocapyptic wastelands of 2018.


    That seems like a good way to get yourself killed.

    Saw this on Reddit earlier today. It's a good laugh and the way people react is hilarious.

    It's a wonder Beth hasn't hit him with a 'cease and desist', on the grounds of the audio files at least. It's probably Todd Howard or Pete Hines incognito trying to drum up interest in the game.

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