Here's A Game About A Skateboarding Canary

It's not Skate 4, but this might be better.

Skatebird does what it says on the box: you're a canary, skating along while listening to tunes. "Skate an expansively tiny world with simple controls even a Hawk named Tony would dig," the official webpage says.

Made by the creators of Spartan Fist, Skatebird will be out sometime next year. Which is plenty of time to rename the game to Skatebirb.

Update: Canary, not pigeon. My bad!


    They're already ahead of you with the skatebirb call, that's their URL for the game.

    I believe I can fly,
    I believe I can touch the sky,
    Ollie on my board every night and day,
    Grind a rail and fly away.

    there's plenty of DLC skin potential here. Tony HAWK, Bam Magpie, Stacy Parrota, Shepard Fairy Penguin. an actual Goose. Don't let EA catch wind of this.

      Bob Birdquist, Beaky Lasek, Dovey Way, Flyjah Huston, Steve Cabirdlerro, Cocky Mullins, Flyin Sheckler.

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