Here's Henry Cavill As Geralt From The Witcher

Could use a few more scars, if you ask me.

Netflix have released a short video from a makeup and costume test featuring Henry Cavill, the Man of Steel, as Geralt. Cavill doesn't speak in the test, although there's some brooding ambient sound that reminds me a little of a steelworks.

It's a smashing wig, I'll give Netflix that. Having grown up with the games, however, I'm used to Geralt looking a little more ... weathered. Cavill just looks too smooth for my liking here, so hopefully he gets roughed up a bit for the on-camera work.

Here's some shots from The Witcher 3 to highlight what I mean:

And The Witcher 2:

Still, it's early days. Other casting news: Anna Shaffer will take the role of Triss, one of Geralt's ongoing love interests, while intelligence officer Cahir will be played by Eamon Farren (Twin Peaks).

Best of all: Stregobor, that nutter who loved the curse of the Black Sun so much, will be played by none other than Lars Mikkelsen. Amazing.


    Apparently it’s a younger Geralt.

      Technically witchers don't really age very fast so it's kinda plausible.

      The old man witcher (forgot name) in witcher 3 was an exception but I think he was one of the very first witchers.

    he doesnt look weathered because this is young Geralt from the books, in which he also doesnt have a beard.

    I would've preferred matt bomer. But cavill is still a fun actor, so ok.

      Someone has to take the mantle of Superman..

      Damn it WB and Cavill!!

    Terrible wig. Would have thought they could have used real hair instead of that synthetic nonsense.

    Get him out in the sun for a few months, leather up that skin.

    It's just a test, I don't think he'll look like this in the final product. He doesn't appear to have the cat-like eyes yet either which I assume will be done with special contacts.

    Do we know where this show fits in the time line? Could be a younger Geralt who will acquire the scars and general grizzliness over the course of the show?

      Apparently the show is based on the books where he is younger and doesnt have a beard for the first 2 books.

      Definitely. You can bet there will make a big thing of his gaining his scar.

      It's like how they Didn't give Daredevil his costume or a billy club from the beginning.

    That wig is terrible. I’m sure they have the budget to get one that’s less awful

    Will be interesting to see how this goes, given the black washing it almost got, and the change in show runner after that happened.

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