The Internet Reacts To Henry Cavill Playing Geralt In Netflix’s The Witcher

The Internet Reacts To Henry Cavill Playing Geralt In Netflix’s The Witcher

Henry Cavill, the DC movie universe’s Superman, will be playing Geralt of Rivia in the upcoming Witcher television series, Netflix said today. Fan reactions have been mixed to horny.

The Witcher has a devoted fanbase both in author Andrzej Sapkowski’s native Poland and abroad, so the series’ showrunners had a lot on the line with this announcement. Cavill, who is a huge fan of the books and games, confirmed it today with a cute little Instagram post:

Showrunner Lauren Hissrich also tweeted to confirm the news, and seems really excited to work with Cavill.

Still, for some fans, nothing can beat what they imagined in their heads. Not everyone is disappointed though. While a few people were hoping for someone like Mads Mikkelsen, others are just happy that Geralt is hot.



  • I would have rather Zach McGowan, but we could have done a lot worse than Cavill. I dont mind the decision at all. I am more interested in who will be playing Yennifer and Triss.

    • Age might play too much of a part considering Yenn is supposed to look relatively youthful compared to her real age but I would love to see Eva Green in the running.

    • Other way around, for me. Not particularly interested in who plays the Sorceresses. In the games we spent so little time with Triss and Yenn that they could pretty easily be played by anyone. They are ‘generically pretty’ characters. Geralt, on the other hand, we spent hundreds if not thousands of hours with, so the emotional investment is real. I too would’ve thought more along the lines of someone with sharper, longer features, a little rougher and ideally raspier as the White Wolf, but that fan-image of Cavill-as-Geralt isn’t too bad. Bit more square than pointy, but oh well. At least he’s a fan. 🙂

      • I remember him from Immortals where he ran around shirtless waving a sword. So he half looks the part. But yeah, he should probably be a bit more grizzled. Josh Brolin (Cable) or hell Dolph Lundgren (probably a bit too old now).

      • You my friend need to read the books, the characters are just as important as Geralt, specifically Yen.

      • Well hopefully it’s based on the books and not the video games (as good as the games are). Those characters are a lot more interesting in the books.

  • [famous actor who isn’t Nathan Fillion or Idris Elba] has been cast in [comic book/video game series] leading role in upcoming [film, tv series]. Fans reactions have been mixed ranging from [pure white hot hatred/steaming vitriol] to [loved, horny]

    • thats both funny and true… it seems like just yesterday people lost their minds at the idea of that (apparent) useless comedic actor Michael Keaton playing Batman, ah fun, simpler times,. How the world has chang-

      • RomCom TV serial ‘Moonlighting’ star Bruce Willis in an action movie? The fuck were they thinking?

        • “They’ve greenlit ANOTHER DieHard with Bruce Willis? What the fuck were they thinking”

          Possibly not the best example!!!! :O

  • It’s unknown at this point of he is playing Geralt in his earlier days or matured dates (ie witcher3), I’ve seen a few shots of Cavill with some facial rough etc so perhaps it will be ok. Just have to wait I guess,

    • I stand by the opinion that the ideal witcher 3 Geralt is Mads Mikkelsen, but Henry Cavill is a fantastic actor and should make a great younger version.

  • Henry Cavill is a little bit too all American vanilla I think. I don’t blame the guy for taking it … but surely there were more interesting choices.

    I personally think Ben Mendehlson or Guy Pearcewould’ve been great Geralts. Cavill just seems so … boring.

    What surprises me is that this got greenlit without a script or writers. I have a feeling this is going to be a horrible mess.

    Also +1 for Eva Green as Yen.

  • im happy for this choice.
    big factor i think is that he already knew the character through the books and the games, and really wanted the role.
    i think this will bring even more enthusiasm for getting this right from everyone on board.

  • “Heath Ledger? That moron from Lords of Dogtown? Hahahahah he can’t play the Joker!”
    “Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark? I mean… ok but Tom Cruise was gonna be better. Easily.”
    “Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner? No.”
    “Gal Gadots WAY too skinny to play Wonder Woman, she’s gonna suck!”
    “Hahahaha you’re kidding right? Mads Mikkelson can’t play Hannibal Lecter! He’s gonna suck!”

    These were all the general reactions to these people being cast in their roles prior to seeing a single thing about them. Yet every single one has been praised, because each one had an absolute passion for their work. I believe Cavill will turn out just fine, as he has that passion too. Can’t wait to see it!

    • This is why my reaction to the ‘internet reacts’ type articles is always “I don’t care!”

    • My personal fave goes all the way back to “This Hugh Jackman guy — not only is he Australian, but he plays the lead in Musicals!! Jesus, THIS is the guy they picked for WOLVERINE??”

      • “He’s not even short and stocky! Wolverine is a short, stocky Canadian, for fuck’s sake!”

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