Physical Editions Of Hollow Knight Cancelled, Says Team Cherry

Image: Team Cherry

Briefly: Hollow Knight developers Team Cherry have announced that physical editions of the game have been cancelled. The studio wrote in a blog post that producing physical copies was "more work than [they] could reasonably manage" as a team of three people.


    Fair enough. If you can make money doing it purely digital, keep it that way :)

    I think they had a temporary physical copy. I can't remember the name of the company but they did the deluxe limited physical copies of Armello as well. I bought that four some of the cool stuff inside but it did remind me that a game such as Armello/Hollow Knight really doesn't need a physical copy to be enjoyed.

      Does any game really need a physical copy to be enjoyed these days? Gone are the days of actual proper game manuals, maps and art books. Unless of course you spend twice as much on a collectors edition.

    Shame they didn't just outsource it to limited run games. Maybe that will end up happening.

    Has KotakuAU ever done an interview with these guys? Would be a cool feature - biggest Aussie success story since Halfbrick yeah?

    Aside from massively underestimating your required time and budget, probably the single biggest mistake a Kickstarter campaign can make is offering physical rewards.

    Physical products are not only costly, but also massively time consuming in both organisation and postage.

    Seriously, stick to purely digital rewards, focus on making the damn game and do everyone a favour.

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