Here’s The Latest Trailer For The Family-Friendly Deadpool

Here’s The Latest Trailer For The Family-Friendly Deadpool
Image: 20th Century Fox

Given how good the first two Deadpool movies were, it made sense to ask: why abandon the PG rating just to make a kid’s friendly version?

Well, that’s still a valid question. But at the very least, it seems that Ryan Reynolds and co. are still finding ways to be funny.

The movie is reportedly an experiment of sorts for Marvel to see if they can roll Deadpool, which has been insanely successful character, into the more family-friendly versions of their films.

So how do you retain Deadpool’s sass while staying within the kids bracket? By talking shit about Marvel movies and Pixar jokes.

This might not be awful. Hopefully it pays off, if only so we get the funniest character popping up in the rest of the Marvel universe. Marvel movies need the comic relief.


  • I mean, I guess it’s possible. There’s plenty of comic scenes to point to where Deadpool isn’t anywhere near R-rated for varying periods of time, if only because it wouldn’t have been funny at the time.

    Not that I’d necessarily be too keen on seeing him in the MCU. Breaking the 4th wall is kinda like losing your virginity. Once it’s done, it’s done – any movie with him in it would be a 4th-wall-breaking movie.

  • I have no problem with putting Deadpool in a more family friendly movie, just as long as they don’t take away his R rated versions. I’d be disappointed if we *only* got a sanitised, family friendly Deadpool in future.

    • Well, you’ve probably already seen the R rated version of this film: it’s a recut of Deadpool 2 with a Princess Bride style framing device.

      • I was thinking more about Disney’s long term plans. They’re not renowned for making edgy R rated content. So it is a bit of a concern for *new* Deadpool movies.

  • Odd that they didn’t animate his eyes during that last scene. Seems to me like it should be a more wide-eyed shocked expression. Deadpool’s eyes have always been one of his best and really main ways of emoting. Hopefully it’s not a sign that they’ve cheapened out on this.

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