People In Pokémon Games Can't Shut Up About Pokémon

The citizens of Pokémon’s various cities and towns love to say the word “Pokémon.” Armed only with mathematics and an urgent desire to answer a ridiculous question, I embarked on a quest to figure out what percentage of Pokémon’s residents do not talk about Pokémon.

I present my findings in this video, “A Conversationalist’s Guide To Pokémon.”

When not repeating the word “Pokémon,” Pokémon’s in-game people discuss Poké Marts and Pokéballs. They reference the names of specific Pocket Monsters. They share tips for accumulating Gym Badges or defeating trainers. As I entered this experiment I hypothesised that almost no one in a Pokémon game talks about anything outside of the video game experience.

Coincidentally, Jason Schreier mentioned this very topic in a post on Kotaku five years ago.

I applied a five-point rating scale to 174 conversations I had as I strolled through a large portion of Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu’s map. A person using the word “Pokémon” in a sentence earned one star. A person discussing the weather, or touching upon any topic that sketches some facsimile of a real living world, earned five stars.

What criteria defined the other three ratings? What revelations resulted from the extensive calculations? Please watch the video to find out.

As a side note: this past weekend, legendary card magician and entertainment historian Ricky Jay passed away at the age of 72. No other public speaker has had as much of an influence on my affinity for flowery spoken word delivery. Though his influence certainly towers over all of my videos, for this video I attempted my most earnest attempt at imitating his tone. Rest in peace, Ricky.

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    Whilst very entertaining, I'll take things too seriously by saying that the scoring system was a bit odd. I think a score of one star should have been given to anyone who mentions a specific Pokemon, since the idea seemed to be to go from specific to general. At the very least, the two and three star options should have been switched around.

    Before even watching the video, these immortal words jumped into my head:
    "I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!"

    There is no crime in the Pokemon universe other than shenanigans that involve Pokemon being exploited. And even then the world is still idyllic and without rape, murder and racial and religious tension. Perhaps in the process of subjugating Pokemon as a species (clade? I dunno) to the point of cock fighting being as common and as accepted as consuming meals, and effectively making sentient animals their slaves, they somehow found peace.

    Yeah, I hate it as well when all people can talk about in Metal Gear games is Snake, Robots or Clones. Grinds my gears when all people talk about in Skate 3 is skateboards, and don't even get me started on how often I need to sit through talk about Demons in Devil May Cry.

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