Tim Rogers

  • Football: The Kotaku Review

    Football: The Kotaku Review

    You might not believe at first that Football is a deeper, harder, more interesting game than Advance Wars, though once you give it a chance and look past the boring graphical presentation, its maths will blow your mind and you will be a convert for life.

  • 1994: The Kotaku Review

    1994: The Kotaku Review

    In this, my most enormous video yet, I tried to capture the essence of what I believe to be the secretly best year in video game history: 1994. Yes, I reviewed 1994, by writing reviews of each of my 25 favourite games released in 1994.

  • Let’s Remember Donkey Kong Country, 25 Years Later

    Donkey Kong Country turned 25 years old on November 21. I waited until yesterday to stream it on Kotaku’s Twitch channel, because to me, Donkey Kong Country’s release date isn’t as important as the fact that I first played it on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.