I Cannot Emotionally Prepare For Final Fantasy VII Remake

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming in April. I could only watch the first 30 seconds of the new trailer released today before I had to close the tab in fear. I can’t possibly become emotionally ready in time. This video represents my best, most terrible attempt at making myself ready.

At the centre of today’s Pre-Review lurks one question: how are video game likers who stepped away from the medium after finishing Final Fantasy VII in 1997 going to react to The Final Fantasy VII Remake? And why do I keep calling it “The” Final Fantasy VII Remake? Should Square Enix just Photoshop a “THE” above the logo? Should I do it for them?

Join me, and let’s find out.

Cloud Strife Looks Great In A Dress In Final Fantasy VII Remake

In the original Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife dons a dress as part of a rescue mission. Way back in 2015, Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura said the character would once again wear a dress in the remake, and now the character finally shows off those threads.

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    I was never a PS person until recently, so I never got to play it.

    I look forward to playing the FF game people argue is better than FF6 and see if it holds up

    I played ff7 as a 10 year old.. didn’t get very far, cosmo canyon I think. Ff9 was more my jam.

    In saying that I have been getting real excited for this remake. It started listening to Nobou’s soundtracks while at work.
    I bought ff7 on the weekend and just made it to the train graveyard. The more I play the more excited I am for this remake because damn.. I’m loving ff7.

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