Tetsuya Nomura Says Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is Progressing Well

Tetsuya Nomura Says Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is Progressing Well

Final Fantasy VII Remake was first announced back in 2015 with third-party studio CyberConnect2 handling development. Last year, development was moved in-house at Square Enix. Tetsuya Nomura says things are going well.

Earlier this year, there was a Japanese job listing for “core members” for the remake.

In a recent Famitsu interview, Nomura briefly discussed Final Fantasy VII Remake, mentioning mistaken information about the game’s development. Famitsu clarified whether or not this mistake info was a report that stated Final Fantasy VII Remake development had not progressed and that it would begin in earnest after Kingdom Hearts III.

“That was not official info,” Nomura told Famitsu. “As I said at E3, development is progressing favourably.” However, he went on to say that Square Enix’s PR is currently focused on KHIII, but after that, it will focus on Final Fantasy VII Remake so he asked folks not to worry and to wait a bit more.

If Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s development is progressing well, I wonder how Nomura thinks the development of, say, KHIII went…

See you in 2028, Final Fantasy VII Remake!


  • If it was announced in 2015 and still isn’t out yet doesn’t that mean it isn’t progressing well?

    Not sure what could take so long they don’t need to rewrite anything just record voices, jazz up the graphics, job done! By the time it is released most of the people who played it when it first came out won’t care about games enough to want to pay $100 per ‘episode’.

    • Depends how far along they were when they announced it, which I assume was “not very far”. 3 years for a game of this scale for a studio like Square Enix isn’t all that long honestly, especially when they’ve had a number of other large projects in development.

    • Also keep in mind, this isn’t a simple remaster. It’s a complete remake from the ground up.

    • Either you’re trolling or you haven’t understood what they’re doing. Assuming the latter, this isn’t a remaster, (though that’s what some people want) this is a full on remake from scratch using modern technologies and design. It’s not just a matter of taking the original screens and making them HD 3D either, they’re changing it to be a more open world a la FFXV. The jury’s still out on whether that includes the battle system though as screens have shown a system that could be in the style of FFXV, or Kingdom Hearts or some turn based hybrid.

    • It takes time to suck the heart and soul out of a game. Hopefully it has fetch quests, an open world and real time combat that plays itself!

      • All I want is for Cloud’s backstory to make any damn sense to someone who hasn’t played Crisis Core

  • “Going well” can still mean “We’ve limited our goals to what a small team can achieve until we fully focus on it after KHIII releases”. I wonder how it is going to go though given the recent news of financial issues at Squeenix. Given FFXV’s mess of a development (Going from FF XIII Versus to a completely different game trilogy to what we actually got) I’m worried that they’ll pull a Half Life episodes and we’ll get small chunks of content years apart that just end in the middle of the story.

    • we’ll get small chunks of content years apart that just end in the middle of the story

      That’s basically what we have now anyway.
      Between FFVII, Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core (lesser so Advent Children) you had the setup and continuation of the VII universe, so it kinda did die in the middle.

      Tbh I assumed the episodic nature of the remake was gonna bring it all together with parts from previous games and possibly continue the story, FFXV felt a lot like a test of various systems and gameplay on a lot of ways.

  • Plenty to play, not bothered to wait if it’s a good product.
    But at this rate it won’t launch on the current generation of consoles.

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