Square Enix Is Hiring ‘Core Members’ For Final Fantasy 7 Remake 

Square Enix Is Hiring ‘Core Members’ For Final Fantasy 7 Remake 

Wondering how development for Final Fantasy 7 Remake is going? Good, I hope! While we wait to hear how things are progressing, know that Square Enix is hiring for the remake.

A Japanese job listing put out a call for “core member” (コアメンバー) recruits, looking for those with game planner experience and especially those with level design and Unreal Engine 4 skills. The monthly salary starts at ¥300,000 ($3583) and the gig is in Tokyo.

The job listing site is in Japanese, so it’s unclear how non-Japanese speakers or those outside the country can apply.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake was announced in 2015. Previously it was being developed at CyberConnect, but it is now being handled by Square Enix. I look forward to playing it in 2025.


    • As it goes on it feels like it’s less and less of a remake and more… I dunno, a ‘retelling’?
      Only the broad strokes of the story will be the same. The gameplay looks to be totally different (though it seems thats one of the things they’re constantly changing) and the story will have a bunch of new things added to it and the pacing will be totally different due to the planned episodic releases.

      • All of that was from the previous build that CyberConnect were working on, though. I got the feeling that Square went back to the drawing board with the whole game.

  • US$3583 a month?!?! Thats it?!
    That’s not great pay for such an allegedly difficult job that culminates in your employer making millions of dollars.
    I always had a fantasy of being a game designer but overall I’m glad I sold out.

    • That’s the starting salary and can be higher depending on your experience and expertise. It doesn’t mention anything about bonuses, but usually Japanese companies give out bonuses once or twice a year which, depending on your performance and the company’s performance, can total anywhere between 3-6 months of your monthly salary.

      Also, the average salary (including bonuses) in Japan is approximately 4.2 million yen which is just over $50,000 AUD, which I guess is low for Australian standards.

      You also need to picture in that the living expenses in Japan are lower than in Australia.

      • I was in Japan for a while and found it on par with living in Sydney cost wise.
        Food and transport were cheaper, but games are about the same and rent was quite high (though I did have a penthouse apartment in Shinjuku with a Mt Fuji view on clearer days).
        I just can’t imagine bleeding that much of myself creatively into a role for that money.

        • Living in a penthouse in Shinjuku is like living in a penthouse in the Sydney CBD. Maybe it’s not as costly.

          Well, I was in the advertising industry here in Tokyo for 4.5 years and wasn’t getting paid much for work 12-hour days…

          • It’s like looking busy is more valued than actual productivity over there.
            It was sheep mentality and no one wanted to acknowledge how much didn’t get done by people not resting and coming back fresh.

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