Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be A Trilogy

Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be A Trilogy
Screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku

Today, during Square Enix’s big Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary live stream, it was confirmed that its large-scale FFVII Remake project will be spread across three separate games as part of a remake trilogy.

While we always knew it would be more than one game, this is the first official confirmation from Square Enix about how many entries will make up the ambitious remake.

Part one, of course, is already out. That was Final Fantasy VII Remake, which is a very good game! As for the next entry in this newly confirmed trilogy will, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (which itself was just announced during the stream today) will be out next winter. That leaves a third, currently unnamed entry in the trilogy that will be released in the future.

No details on this final game were revealed during the 15-minute stream today. If you missed it, here’s the full stream below via YouTube:

“The team has come together and are currently working hard on [the remake project’s]development,” said Final Fantasy brand manager and executive producer Yoshinori Kitase during today’s event.

“Since the announcement of Final Fantasy VII Remake project, we have said that it would play out over multiple parts,” continued Kitase. “But I can now announce that the complete project will be a three part series made up of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and one final title.”


  • Still waiting for an Xbox release lol. perhaps after they all get released…💀 glad at least Crisis Core is on Xbox that game is dope. hope Square remakes Dirge of Cerberus that was a fun as shooter😎

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