It's 2018 And Google News Still Doesn't Have A Games Section

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Earlier today, I was casually perusing the internet for gaming news when I noticed something unusual. Google News - arguably the world's most popular mainstream news aggregator - does not have a video games section. At all.

What gives, Google?

Even if you're not a gamer, it can't be denied that the video games industry is kind of a big deal. Hell, Fornite alone accounted for about 98 per cent of all news stories in 2019. (I exaggerate, but you get the picture.)

Despite its huge impact on entertainment and modern culture, Google doesn't seem particularly interested in this topic, if Google News is anything to go by. Currently, the aggregator site's default settings don't contain a Games category. It doesn't even have a Games subcategory. No, really.

Google News' Entertainment section is broken down into the subsections Movies, Music, Television, Books, Art and Celebrity. Under Technology, the options are Mobile, Gadgets, Internet, Artificial Intelligence, Computing and Virtual Reality. Apparently, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR are the only gaming topics Google thinks you care about.

Now granted, most people don't use Google News' subcategories to find stories. And it's relatively easy to tailor results to match your favourite topics.

Nevertheless, it still seems like a weird oversight. Like, are people really more interested in books than video games? More to the point, are books more news worthy than video games? (That was a rhetorical question. Of course they're not.)

Personally, I think one of Google's New Year resolutions should be to add a games section to Google News. And to stop being an unstoppable mega corporation intent on hoovering up all our personal data. Either one of those is fine with us, really.


    Most people who game, well those I know already have trusted sources for their gaming news. Just as with other hobbies and interests.
    Though it could also be down to the google ads nonsense.

    Want to do yourselves out of a job?

      Not likely, it would be more efficient than trawling the front page of r/games.

      I kid, mostly.

        Ah so what you're saying is that they want to have an algorithm tell them what to repost as an article. Gotcha

    What, has the Reddit/Youtube well dried up already?

    Mainstream media is always dumbed down, it's always funny reading phone reviews on where their knowledge runs out after listing the new colours the device is available in!

    Can't imagine a mainstream games section being much better, I'd rather go to a dedicated games site like this one!

    If anything, I've found mainstream news sites that previously had gaming sections have gotten rid of theirs. I guess they've got more important things to do, like try and influence politics.

    There's not a lot of gaming news sites anymore. I felt the decade preceding did it better somehow, but it could just be nostalgia giving me the brain damage.
    I dislike articles that amount to strings of Tweets, and people talking about cosplay like it's art instead of admitting they like the titillation of it first and foremost. There's a lot of things I dislike about Kotaku (recreation social outrage, the voting on comments, the fact that some articles read like a fake-arse friend is addressing you), but I still find it preferable to anything else I've seen. I'd like that changed.

    It's just in the Technology 'section' without a sub-category, I see plenty of gaming related news there all the time. If you actually used Google news, you'd probably know this. Somewhat ironically that's where I saw this article, which isn't news and doesn't really belong there at all.

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