Obsidian’s Next Game, The Outer Worlds, Is Basically Fallout: New Vegas In Space

Obsidian’s Next Game, The Outer Worlds, Is Basically Fallout: New Vegas In Space

As Bethesda takes Fallout multiplayer, the original creators of Fallout are making a brand new single-player shooter-RPG along with the studio that made Fallout: New Vegas.

It’s called The Outer Worlds, it’ll be out next year, and it’s basically New Vegas in space.

Game studio Obsidian announced The Outer Worlds at The Game Awards tonight, with a two-minute trailer showcasing the game’s setting (space!) and tone (funny!). It’s a first-person shooter with clear RPG elements set in a dystopian universe where massive corporations with names like Spacer’s Choice and Auntie Cleo’s have taken over entire planets.

The game is published by Private Division, a new label started by Take-Two (the company that owns 2K and Rockstar) to make medium-budget games. The Outer Worlds doesn’t have an indie budget like Pillars of Eternity, nor does it have the scope of an AAA game like Fallout: New Vegas—it’s somewhere in the middle.

And it looks great. The Outer Worlds is coming to PC, Xbox One, and yes, PS4, despite the fact that Microsoft purchased Obsidian this year. Microsoft has agreed to honour Obsidian’s original contract with Private Division.


  • Nice. I really love the direction of this. Maybe I should go play Fallout Las Vegas.

    Note to developers though, tone down the body language on characters when they talk, they seem to always end up looking like a bad high school play, with over-done arm and hand movement.

  • I know alot of people want to go along the fallout route, but im sorry, this is more Borderlands/Bioshock than it is anything Fallout related.

    • Yeah, true. However, it is Obsidian, and using a very Fallout engine. But, yes, the humour and setting evoke Borderlands 2 hardcore 🙂

      • That engine is looking nothing like a fallout engine, this engine actually looks acceptable in 2019, unlike bethesdas(and thats coming from a fallout fanboy). 😛

        • Actually:

          – decent facial animations.
          – enemies aren’t clipping into anything.
          – NPC’s.

          You’re right, everyone. Nothing like a recent Fallout game lol

      • using a very Fallout engine

        I don’t know if I’d consider that to be a recommendation 😛

  • well looks like 2019s going to be very good year, Febuary is already looking like its going to make my bank account cry with New Dawn and Rage 2

    • Have to say that the I was rather ‘meh’ about the Rage 2 announcement, but watching the last trailer the game play actually looks pretty good!

  • Microsoft has agreed to honour Obsidian’s original contract with Private Division.

    Translation: “we’d cancel the PS4 version if we could, but we are contractually locked in and the damages for breach would equal or outweigh any benefit to us, not to mention the bad PR”.

  • Having done a Fallout marathon prior to the release of 4, I felt New Vegas was easily the weakest, and buggiest, of the series to that point, including the two side games. The only thing it had going for it was decent companions.

    Saying it was Borderlandesque would have my interest. New Vegaseqsue is a hard nope until it’s a complete edition on sale.

    • It’s nice to see someone who doesn’t have rose tinted nostalgia glasses on for NV. I thought it was decent, better than Fo3 at least.

  • Has a Guardians of the Galaxy feel to me. Surprised no-one has mentioned it.

    This is 2018 though, I’m not getting hyped over a trailer.

  • So the rumor of borderlands 3 being announced wasn’t wrong its just had a name change?
    seriously that felt SOOO much like borderlands

  • These are the titles Obsidian are great at, creative, interesting worlds that focus on characters, not graphics and systems. Which makes the Microsoft purchase all the more puzzling to me, if this game were console exclusive, would it sell many consoles?

  • For a very brief moment, this made me non-cynical. Maybe it’s the Obsidian aspect, maybe it’s because I really like that Iggy song. Maybe I just want to not be cynical for a few minutes, but…well, this might be good.

    Wow. I actually said that out loud.

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