Some Of The Best Cosplay From 2018

As the craft continues to grow, and its professionals become more professional, it feels like each year as we look back at the best cosplay from the last 12 months it gets harder and harder to pick standout examples from the crowd. Everything has just got so good.

But this annual roundup has to draw a line somewhere, so we’ve taken a look back at our event and showcase galleries (and individual features!) to find some of the most impressive examples of cosplay from 2018, whether they be amazing outfits, photos, make-up work of combination of the lot.

Cosplay by arcanekani & hakizzle91 | Photo by troysdecoy
Cosplay by Polina
Cosplay by hellspawned_cosplay | Photo by gimmiecookie
Cosplay by Skunk | Photo by eosAndy
Cosplay by angel_ta2 | Photo: Mineralblu
Cosplay & Photo: Kamui
Cosplay by Lady Zero
Cosplay by thelanisaz | Photo: Mineralblu
Cosplay by dcblackgeeks | Photo: Mineralblu
Cosplay by: cutiepiesensei | Photo by Anna Fischer
Cosplay by: Unknown | Photo by Anna Fischer
Cosplay by Sourcery Cosplay | Photo: Mineralblu
Cosplay by costumebiz | Photo: Mineralblu
Cosplay by Scrap Shop Props | Photo by Steamkittens
Cosplay by 89stiles | Photo: Mineralblu
Cosplay by hokuprops | Photo: Mineralblu
Cosplay by jedibugs | Photo by worldofgwendana
Cosplay by Narga | Photo by kmitenkova
Cosplay by Egg Sisters | Photo: Mineralblu
Cosplay by zep-hindle | Photo by Nikolay Zharov
Cosplay by George Hughes |
Cosplay by Moosefix | Photo: Martin Wong
Cosplay by Jechts, Photo by Britany Quin
Cosplay by Coregeek, Hair & Make-up by Warren Dion Smith | Photo: Justin Cosplay
Cosplay by Jason Aulicino | Photo: Justin Cosplay
Image: T-Hero SILK, Photo: Mineralblu
Cosplay by Banana Cospboys | Photos by Dr. Cosplay


    That soundwave one is incredible. A number of other great ones in there too

    The robin costume came straight out of teen titans tv show. That Dr. Strange one is also pretty funny!

    That Kirk Lazarus is a piece of post modern genius.

      It almost looks like a guys doing black face, I had to double look and check.

    Yep a black guy dressing as a white guy dressed as a black guy ... that’s some seriously matryoshka shit.

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