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Image: The Game Awards trophy, produced by WETA.

With supposedly more than ten unannounced games to be revealed, a host of content and announcements for existing ones, and a timeslot that actually suits Australians, The Game Awards is always worth a watch.

The show will officially begin from tomorrow from 1230 AEDT / 1200 ACST / 0930 AWST / 1130 AQST / 1430 NZST, according to the notification time on the YouTube embed (which you can find below). The Game Awards site notes that proceedings will begin from 11:30 AM, although it doesn't denote what timezone.

YouTube will be streaming the entire show in 4K, if your internet can handle it, although there'll also be streams through Twitch, Twitter, Facebook Live, Steam, Xbox Live, Mixer, Caffeine, PlayStation and more.

Geoff Keighley, organiser of The Game Awards, tweeted out a photo from a rehearsal showing off the stage.

We already know some of the games that will be announced beforehand, including the next iteration in the Far Cry series. Rumours have also been circulating all week that Nintendo will show off Metroid Prime 4, while Hideo Kojima, Phil Spencer and Casey Hudson will be in attendance, the latter of whom will be premiering some fresh Anthem footage. Obsidian is showing off its new RPG as well.

If you'd rather watch through Twitch, that's embedded below as well.

What reveals would you like to see this year?


    You got the times wrong.

    It's 11:30am AEST and 12:30pm AEDT.

    Not 12:30pm AEST.

    Even the screenshot shows the correct AEST.

    "a timeslot that actually suits Australians"

    Only if you're lucky enough to have the day off work.

      Or a "I'm having my lunch break now" place.

    Hoping for that Dragon Age 4 announcement. Also hoping it's not 3 years off like rumor suggests.

    Saw RDR2 win, sighed and closed the stream. It was a nice movie, but an incomplete game.

      Yeah I also closed the stream as soon as RDR2 won the first 2 or 3 awards. I knew from that point that the event was going to remain heavily biased in favour of it. I wasn't gonna sit through it winning 10 more awards while hoping that a game I was looking forward to got announced. Figured I'd just catch up on the announcement news later.

        Hey, at least GoW won Goty. It really deserved it for a solid all round package.

    anyone know how long this runs for? Its been on for over 3 hrs so far...

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