World War Two Is Now A Collectible Card Game

Because video game versions of card games are now a licence to print money, 1939 games have decided to take the Second World War and turn it into Gwent.

That game is called Kards and is a digital CCG (collectible card game), so the aim is to get you playing for free then buying packs of cards containing more/better tanks and fighters, which thematically is a change from the wizards and elves you normally get in a CCG.

And while I’m not really a fan of the genre, the theme is giving me big Top Trumps vibes, which is always a plus.

Kards is coming to PC first, then mobile devices. Interestingly 1939 games are based out of Iceland, and are made up of both current and former employees of CCP, the studio behind EVE Online.


    doesn't look like Gwent to me. do you just call any digital card game Gwent?

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