Ah Good, More Giant Curved Gaming Monitors

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I barely have enough desk space for standard size monitors. Care for this, Samsung most certainly does not. Remember that gargantuan 49" curved monitor the company showed off last year? Well, there's another one.

The desk monster that is the CRG9 was announced by Samsung ahead of its conference today, as part of a wider release touching on its monitor lineup for 2019. The first major change to their 49-incher for 2019 is an increased resolution: while the CHG90 was only 3840x1080, the CRG9's native res has been bumped up to 5120x1440, a more appropriate figure given the sheer real estate used.

The CRG9 doesn't sport a 1ms G2G response rate - the max quoted is 4ms - and the maximum refresh rate is down from 144Hz to 120Hz. On the plus side, however, the 5K beast will support FreeSync 2 and a peak brightness of 1000 nits, a substantial jump from the CHG90's maximum brightness of 600 nits.

Given that anyone outside of Scrooge McDuck could afford a computer powerful enough to run a game at 5K res and 144Hz, the trade offs seem pretty reasonable. There's HDR 10 support, and the maximum brightness should mean the CRG9 will support VESA's DisplayHDR 1000 standard, although I couldn't see the Dolby Vision HDR standard mentioned in any of Samsung's material.

Outside of the Monitor Titanic, Samsung also unveiled what they're calling a Space Monitor. It's a 27" or 32" 4K monitor that attaches to your desk via an integrated clamp and arm out of the box:

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This is the kind of thing we have at work, where all our monitors are mounted to flexible arms. That our poor IT manager has to install, one at a time. Both versions of the Space Monitor are supported by a flexible hinge, an updated version of the hinge used on Samsung's re-emergence in the gaming monitor market a few years back.

All of the monitors, as well as a new UR59C curved 32" 4K screen, will be on display at CES 2019 this year. Samsung's also expected to have more information this evening at a conference and hands on event.

The author travelled to CES 2019 as a guest of Hisense.


    If there is Motion Blur Reduction on the CRG9, I might be trading in my X34P for it.

    1440p style PPI, HDR, 120hz, not much more you can want.

    Wonder what the price is, guessing around $2000+ AUD.. I'm morbidly bankrupt for a while to come...Will just have to look at pictures and imagine what its like :(

    ooh, I'm quite partial to the Samsung Space Monitor.
    The pic in the article doesn't show how flush it sits against the wall which is the feature I like the most.
    My computer desktop doubles as my hobby desk so this would be right up my alley.

      I really like the Space Monitor too. I've been thinking of getting a wall mount but that's a pain if/when you decide to move the desk and monitor. The Space monitor seems like a great alternative.

      As for the huge curved monitor, I think it's too big for most gaming. It'd be amazing for something like a driving game or a flight sim, but I'd hate to play a twitch shooter on it. It'd be too big to track movement and spot enemies at the edges.

    Can you plug in a set top box/chromecast and use it as a tele? Asking for a friend...

      If it's anything like my current ultra wide screen you can via HDMI inputs. However it won't take advantage of the aspect ratio. So either just a 16:9 box in the middle (black bars on the side) or a stretched/cropped image depending on the settings.

    Given that anyone outside of Scrooge McDuck could afford a computer powerful enough to run a game at 5K res and 144HzI think you mean noone outside of Scrooge McDuck...
    And if you're inside of Scrooge McDuck, you have bigger issues to deal with.

    I was running a surround setup with a resolution larger than that (7680x1440) 6 years ago with two 4GB 670's. Pretty sure a single 1080Ti or higher could easily handle it, though probably not at 120FPS granted, but only professionals need that and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be using this screen. 49" is huge, I'm looking for a 38" as a reasonable size, no way I'd go up to 49 but it sure would look impressive!

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