An Eye-Popping Neon Throwback To Classic Shooters

An Eye-Popping Neon Throwback To Classic Shooters

Bad Vibes is a colourful first person shooter that is a feast for the senses. Sometimes all you want to do is shoot some baddies and work through some negative feelings. What better way to do that then with some magic orbs and trippy sights?

Bad Vibes, created by pfail, has been out since 2017 and has received a few updates since then. The concept is simple: You’re in a maze and need to survive. That means avoiding aliens and acid pits while looking for a few colourful stickers that will chase away your bad vibes.

Bad Vibes describes itself as “pure shooter madness, the way it was intended to be”, and it does a good job capturing the straightforward experience of early first person games. Why are there monsters? Why am I so engrossed in this? All I know is that I really want to have a high score.

Shooters are a dime a dozen these days, so Bad Vibes compensates for that with a bright style that is somewhere between MS-DOS and someone’s nightmare scribblings.

The result is that Bad Vibes works incredibly well as a sensory experience. Its mixture of chirpy bloops and techno beats with its alternative hot and cold colours makes it easy to immerse yourself in the raw experience. I recommend booting Bad Vibes up for a 10 minute shootfest to let off some steam.