The Dungeon Experience Is The Most Cursed Looking Game, And I Love It

The Dungeon Experience Is The Most Cursed Looking Game, And I Love It

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to take a guided tour of a fantasy dungeon run by a low-level RPG mud-crab turned entrepreneur? No? Well, too bad – The Dungeon Experience is an upcoming Aussie game created by Jacob Janerka (Paradigm’s developer) and Simon Boxer (Ring of Pain lead), and it’s giving peak absurd humour.

The Dungeon Experience is one of the PAX Aus 2023 Indie Showcase winners, and promises a “thrilling” first-person adventure (also described as a “first person storey explorey”) through a dungeon that the mud-crab promises no longer has any asbestos, so please stop leaving bad reviews. While exploring, meet the unique (and sometimes evil) inhabitants, including what looks to be a high fantasy therapist, and a guy that’s a stand in for a table.

Through your guided tour in The Dungeon Experience, you can also uncover “the mystery of the great elimosphere” which has spread corruption throughout the realm. Whether the snipper of the trailer featuring you sanitising someone with a spray bottle has anything to do with cleansing said corruption is anyone’s guess. The Barbarian’s leading question about whether you’ve come to fulfil your destiny, or whether you’re actually a health and safety inspector or part of a similar governing body bodes really well for the trip, I reckon.

Just to really add to the completely whacky vibes of this game, the publisher of The Dungeon Experience is listed as “a man I once met in a forest, he just put his fingers to my lips to shoosh me, and then gave me the budget for the game.” Honestly, an ideal funding model for all games.

Whether you’re into the kind of odd-ball, pause-for-a-second humour that other Aussie games like Frog Detective have previously perfected, love fantasy vibes crossed with corporate office politics, or just love the idea of a girlboss mud-crab running the dodgiest business model ever conceived, The Dungeon Experience has it all.

The Dungeon Experience
Image: Jacob Janerka / Simon Boxer / Bone Assembly

While there’s no current confirmed release date (unless you happen to be able to foretell when “upon the four moons of Xogris align and the Messiah Khidrius returns,” might be), The Dungeon Experience in all its chaos, bright colours, and janky dungeon-crawling will be available to check out on the PAX Aus showfloor later this year. 

When the moons do align, The Dungeon Experience will be coming to PC via Steam so you can experience all the OSHA violations and thrills of exploring a dungeon in your own home (just maybe take a respirator for that asbestos problem).

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