Just Over Half Of Kingdom Hearts III’s Disney Voice Actors Are The Real Thing

Kingdom Hearts III has a lot of Disney characters in it. It also has a lot of original characters in it. In the interest of browsing IMDB while giving my calculator something to do, I determined exactly what percentage of Kingdom Hearts III’s voice cast are “authentic” Disney voice actors.

This video features a voice line by (almost) every Disney character in the game! Try to guess who is authentic while you watch.

If you’re the sort of person who does not have time to watch the video: first of all, watch it later!

Second, official Disney voice actors voice 56.7 per cent of the Disney characters in Kingdom Hearts III.

If you wanna know which 56.7 per cent that is, buddy, you’re gonna have to watch the video.

Special thanks to my friend Alex Jaffe for doing a large part of the research on this subject and generously sending it to me as a video idea. He has a big job interview very soon, so in case the job interviewer happens to be reading this: you should hire Alex Jaffe.

I’ve known him for years, and he’s always the first person I think of whenever I put together a joke for one of my videos. If you hire him, you won’t even have to think, “What would Alex Jaffe think about this?” because you could just walk over and ask him.

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