League Of Legends K-Pop Video Gets Inevitable Cosplay Movie

Gif: skulds

That well-done League of Legends K-pop video has already inspired cosplay photos. Now, it has inspired a cosplay video.

What took so long, you wonder? The original video debuted back in November. Since then, a photographer known as Skulds has been working on his cosplay clip.

Cosplayer Aza Miyuko, formerly of Spiral Cats fame, is joined by fellow Korean cosplayers Gyeong, Jiyul, Aza and Ato.

According to this Ruliweb post (via tipster Sang), it took Skulds three months to finish the video, in between his regular full-time job and learning how to use create 3D backgrounds for the first time.

It looks as though it was a painstaking process to reproduce the original music video frame-by-frame.

Image: Ruliweb
Image: Ruliweb
Image: Ruliweb
Image: Ruliweb
Image: Ruliweb



    Unfortunately, the lip synching (or lack thereof) really spoils the vid for me.

    I think somebody missed the session on contrast settings when binging on video editing tutorials on YouTube.

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