OK Johnny Cage, You Got Me

OK Johnny Cage, You Got Me

In most circumstances, Johnny Cage can bugger off as far as I’m concerned. He’s arrogant, annoying and not a character I’d actively want to play. Until I saw his latest fatality, anyway.

Netherrealm revealed more about the character earlier this morning, and a lot of the usual Johnny Cage staples are there. He’s got a counter-based move, like he did in Mortal Kombat X, although he also appears to have a second super that results in him pulling out an Oscar statue:

That’ll be fun to bust out in the singleplayer campaign. How much use it’ll actually get in multiplayer is another matter, although as Player2’s Matt Hewson (thanks mate!) points out, MK11 has separate energy bars for attack and defence this year.

Regardless, there’s nothing stopping people from busting out Johnny’s fatality, which is fantastic. You can see it from 1m 49s.

The middle finger at the end is a great touch. Mortal Kombat 11 launches on PS4, XBO, Switch and PC on April 23.

Update: Clarified details around X-Rays and how energy meters work in MK11 – thanks Matt. There’s a good video here for more specifics.


    • Yeah I’m glad we’ve got him as that aged hero now, I gotta agree his character was a bit tired but now feels reinvigorated 🙂

  • I grew up with MK and have never been terribly excited by Johnny Cage as a character, but I came out at the end of this trailer thinking they couldn’t have made him more perfect. They’ve really nailed his tone this time around and the whole execution of his fatality is hilarious. Well done, NRS.

  • The Fatal Blows so far have been pretty good, Cages seems to be a call back to his secret fatality in Mortal Kombat 9. Wonder if they have taken the place of brutalities?

    I will be pulling out the Fatal Blow whenever possible once my opponents health is under 30%, in both single and multiplayer

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