A Beautiful Musical Celebration Of 20 Years Of Chrono Cross

One of the greatest things about the 1999 PlayStation role-playing game Chrono Cross is its soundtrack. Composer Yasunori Mitsuda, who created the music for Chrono Trigger on the Super Nintendo four years earlier, took the “Chrono sound” to dizzying new heights for the sequel. Now 29 artist have come together to pay tribute with Chronopolis: Music Inspired By Chrono Cross, OverClocked ReMix’s 70th free community arrangement album.

OverClocked Remix’s community has been cranking out gorgeous rearrangements of video game music since 1999, so it makes sense its 70th free album be a game that shares its birth year. Chronopolis, now available for free download or streaming on Soundcloud, is an excellent demonstration of the range of the community’s talent. Tracks range from pleasant piano arrangements to hard-driving techno to smooth jazz. There’s a wonderful chiptune remix of Chrono Cross’ victory theme by Lemonectric. And then there’s a breathtaking English interpretation of “Radical Dreamers,” one of the prettiest songs ever created for a video game.

The artist who contribute to the 28 tracks on Chronopolis share a love of the game. You can hear it in every track. Give it a listen.


    One of the best articles on Kotaku in awhile

    Pulled down a copy.

    Great soundtrack and also takes me back to my university days when (despite the low dollar) I imported Chrono Cross and other games via (now long gone) RealGamer.com.au.

    That game certainly owned me back in the (cause me haz no skilz), but I honestly loved the sound track.

    Still sucks that there is no sequel to this fantastic series. But then again, would an idea like Chrono Cross even get of the ground today thanks to the current "AAA" land scape?

    For anybody interested, Yasunori Mitsuda has recently composed music for another videogame (in collaboration with Masato Kato, also of CT fame). It's a mobile game called another Eden. Although it's a mobile game and has some "gacha" sprinkled on it, it's an otherwise competent jRPG with a complete story that gives a winking nod to the Chrono series. Hell, if only they got Toriyama for the character design as well, I'd call it an adequate spiritual successor.

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