Epic Snags More Major Store Exclusives, Including Quantic Dream’s Games

Epic Snags More Major Store Exclusives, Including Quantic Dream’s Games

Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human are all coming to the PC, all exclusively to Epic’s store, Epic said today at Game Developers Conference.

Other games whose PC versions will come to Epic’s store exclusively include Control, Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, and Afterparty.

All three Quantic Dream games were previously published by Sony and were exclusive to PlayStation platforms. Epic did not say in its “State Of Unreal” keynote on Wednesday morning when the games would be released.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey from Panache Digital, published by 2K Games’ indie label Private Division, will also be coming exclusively to the Epic Games Store. So will Control, the new game from Alan Wake developer Remedy. Epic also announced 10 other games that will be released exclusively on its store:

  • Afterparty (Night School Studios)

  • The Cycle (Yager)

  • Dauntless (Phoenix Labs)

  • Industries of Titan (Brace Yourself Games)

  • Journey to the Savage Planet (Typhoon Studios and 505 Games)

  • Kine (Chump Squad)

  • Phoenix Point (Snapshot Games)

  • The Sinking City (Frogwares and Bigben)

  • Spellbreak (Proletariat Inc)

  • Solar Ash (Heart Machine and Annapurna Interactive)

Epic has been on something of an exclusive-grabbing spree since the launch of its store in December, locking up the PC versions of games like Metro: Exodus, Ashen, and Hades.

Clearly, it’s not done yet. Soon, PC players will be able to press X to Jason, but not on Steam.


    • ePiC sToRe’S iNcReAsInG cOmPeTiTiOn!!!!!

      /* forces exclusivity thus preventing any actual consumer competition */

      Looks good to me!

    • ePiC sToRe’S iNcReAsInG cOmPeTiTiOn!!!!!

      /* forces exclusivity thus preventing any actual consumer competition */

      Looks good to me! .

  • Ugh. More games to wait to play.

    Whilst I don’t have any problems about another store so per say, this anti-competitive bullshit has got to stop, and thats on top of its questionable corporate practices such as its incredibly lax security, non-compliance with the GDPR, illegal refund practices, and its ethically immoral stealing of data.

  • I love the Epic games store, I snagged Subnautica for free and it’s totally awesome..and the only game I play on my PC. Between PS Plus and the EGS, I now may even get Detroit free too. Wooo!

  • Yeah, I’m getting annoyed by this now. Guess I’m going to continue opening the store every two weeks, grabbing the free games, and flipping them the bird on the way out.

    Real shame about The Sinking City, though. I was looking forward to that. Guess I can put more towards my vacation instead.

    • Yeah it’s really starting to lose is shine for me too, the exclusive wars on console was bad enough and did a lot of damage that both Sony and MS had to claw their way back from, it should’ve served as a lesson to Epic and others as they pursue these endeavours.

      It feels less like competition now and more like Epic is aggressively trying to rail road users toward their store.
      They aren’t giving people the choice they floated this whole thing on in the first place, the only choice is Epic, consoles or miss out for a year.

  • Exclusivities are the worse way to get business, taking away a consumers right of choice. They are bad enough in Xbox and PS4 but in some senses they are somewhat understandable in that market place (though still bad) but what Epic is doing is just trying to brute force their way to the top, without a single concern that they are removing consumer choice, and still offering way less to a consumer in terms of features.

    Yes Steam has had it coming for a while, but the more Epic push the more people such as myself will refuse to be part of them.

    Give me reason to choose you, dont demand I have to.

  • Do we have any word on whether this exclusivity crap is actually working out for the developers? I imagine the alternate headline reads “Developers willingly forfeit sales for a year” because not every consumer that would buy your game is going to want to buy from the Epic store.

    I can’t wait for this whole situation to cave in on itself and force a major reset of the digital PC market.

    • I’ve seen an article say that Metro Exodus sold twice as much on Epic as Last Light did on Steam, but it didn’t cite any source and I’ve been too busy to try to find one. It sounds a little suspect to me, to be honest.

      • I’d be curious to see total sales numbers then, across all platforms. Exodus has had a craptonne more marketing and hype behind it than 2033 and Last Light ever had.

        • Well, I don’t know about you but I feel instantly compelled to believe it sight-unseen 😛

      • Steam had 50 million users in 2012.

        Epic currently has 85 million.

        Add on another 6 years of the shift to digital distribution where retail copies are sold less and less, exclusivity, and Metro becoming part of pop culture, and yeah, i’m not surprised a store front with twice the users in 2018 sold more copies :\.

        • Plus they spent the better part of a year collecting pre-orders [and advertising eyeballs] on Steam, all of which were then sent over to Epic at the last minute.

          It’s pretty disingenuous to say it was all organic Epic store customers….. most were poached from Steam.

          • Steam preorders were delivered via Steam, tho, for those who bought in before it got pulled. The free advertising, however, can’t really be ignored.

      • Huh I last heard that they sold 2.5 times last light across all platforms.
        Isn’t this including the mass steam pre-orders that happened when it was announced the game would be taken off steam?

    • If it doesn’t, they’ll stop doing it. If they can make more money elsewhere, they will.

      And what do you see this “reset” looking like exactly? The other platforms give up and we all use one client and buy our games from one place?

  • Sinking City, not you too?! I was already sad to see you delayed from (this week) to June… now I hear it’s actually *next* June?

    • On the plus side, it’s a AA dev, and you know they always benefit powerfully from a half-dozen patches before playing.

      (Totally not stopping me from grabbing The Surge 2 on release, though.)

  • If console exclusives didn’t convince me to buy one over the other, what makes Epic think that this is going to make me use their service? Exclusives are a turn off for me so I guess i will be waiting or not playing. I doubt the majority of people will share my opinion, and will just get the Epic launcher which will just encourage more of this anti-consumer behaviour.
    I already have 3 launchers on my PC, 2 being company-specific so those i can forgive for the most part since you can still buy those products elsewhere even if you run them though the launcher. But segregating a platform with no benefit to the consumer is mind boggling. It is like going to a grocery store only to find out that the product you want is sold across the road at the exact same price although it is slightly better for the company to stock there, but you are not benefiting from it. You either need to hoof it over and join yet another ‘loyalty’ program which has a shallow rewards scheme, wait for it to be stocked again in the distant future when a supply contract expires, or find a similar but different product. I know I am not going over if I can’t at least get a better price. I hope it bites Epic in the arse but capitalism rules.

    • I’m getting so fed up of everyone spouting “anti-consumer behaviour” about this Epic Games Store! Someone shows up and disrupts the norm and everyone fucking loses their mind! All of these companies don’t give a shit about the consumer, none of them. They exist to make money, that’s it. Epic have found a way to make money by funding exclusives (like Microsoft do, Sony, Nintendo) and all of sudden it’s anti-consumer. What do you want? One platform and all developers make games for it, all sold through one store because you don’t want another launcher?

      I not a fan of the Epic Store so far, having to buy in USD is one thing that annoys me. But it’s being blown completely out of proportion. “Gamer’s” are seen as having an entitled attitude, and the more I read about this the more I agree with them.

      • Epic have found a way to make money by funding exclusives (like Microsoft do, Sony, Nintendo) and all of sudden it’s anti-consumer.
        Difference between funding exclusives and bribing exclusives – forking over money for development is fair enough, but this situation seems to include paying off developers (or publishers most likely) to prevent existing projects from being made available to another storefront (which I have vague recollections of people getting similarly pissed off at Microsoft for doing at one point during a major Xbox push years back)

        If it was just timed exclusivity to their store it might not be quite so bad, but with the Windows and Humble store deals it’s looking more like titles being exclusively restricted from Steam – it’s an interest case considering non-digital industries tend to have laws about store collusions and restricting supply to specific competitors.

        …just thought of another thing too – with the perceived ‘bait and switch’ situations, where people supported something early through crowdfunding (with the understanding of Steam Early Access or the like), it doesn’t help when the fickle nature of some problematic Kickstarters had already made prospective early supporters more wary. Looking at some comments over on Phoenix Point’s Fig campaign it might be a bit more poison in the well for small studios trying to gain traction in the crowdfunding space.

      • When you remove consumer choice, it’s an anti-consumer act, whether you’re fed up with it or not.

      • What do you want?

        I want games to be available at multiple stores, so customers can buy it from their store of choice.

        A storefront paying money to limit the game to their service is the same as Foxtel paying so you can only legally watch Game of Thrones through their shitty overpriced service. In both cases it’s unequivocally anti-consumer. It doesn’t help competition, it circumvents it – like a runner paying the Olympics to prevent anyone else from running in the same race. There’s no competition there.

        Disruption of the norm is only accepted if it improves on the status quo, and this patently doesn’t.

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