It's Not Just You, Facebook Is Having Issues

If you're having trouble connecting to Messenger or scrolling your usual Facebook-powered social feeds this morning, you're not the only one.

Things started breaking earlier this morning, with Facebook notifying users through Twitter that "some people are currently having trouble accessing the Facebook family of apps". What they're not saying is that some people are having trouble accessing Facebook at all, let alone the family of apps.

Instagram wasn't affected for me at the time of writing, although it did have a small outage loading this morning. Whatasapp was also impacted, according to CNBC, with users having trouble logging in.

Users are reporting that they're starting to regain access by the time you read this, although it's not universally fixed just yet. Fortunately there's still Twitter.


    On no... Ah wait a sec, I deleted all my social media accounts. Crisis averted. :)

    This would explain why I had issues accessing both Instagram and Messenger this morning.

    I'm having trouble with Facebook, Messenger *and* WhatsApp...

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