Konami’s New Anniversary Collections Bundle Castlevania, Contra And More

Konami’s New Anniversary Collections Bundle Castlevania, Contra And More

To celebrate the company’s 50th birthday, Konami is releasing a set of bundles called the Anniversary Collections, which will round up a ton of games from Castlevania, Contra and the company’s arcade past.

The first pack is called Arcade Classics, and will be out on April 18 for $28. It’ll include stuff like Haunted Castle, Thunder Cross, Typhoon and TwinBee.

Coming in “Early Summer” will be the Castlevania Anniversary Collection, which will include eight titles, only four (Castlevanias 1-4) of which have been announced so far.

The Contra Anniversary Collection will also be out “Early Summer”, and again includes eight games, with the four announced so far being Contra, Super Contra, Super C and Contra 3.

All three bundles will be available digitally on Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Steam.

Please do not ask why there isn’t also a Metal Gear Anniversary Collection.


  • I would like those four unannounced titles to be GBA games but going by the overall theme it looks like we’ll be getting pre-SOTN titles only.

  • The Contra package amuses me, because apart from the 4 they’ve announced, the rest of the games in the series were almost all terrible.

  • Thats why i didnt get my hopes up. I knew it would be mostly the older games for Castlevania (the non-metroidvania games). Its not that i dislike them. They’re solid games. But i dont find them as interesting. Id rather see them get those out of the way with collection and then release SotN with the GBA and DS games as a second collection.

      • I don’t understand the hate for Simon’s Quest. I played the first two in the leadup to Smash (Belmont hype!) and for my money SQ was way better designed. Still had its issues of course, but even with those it was still a huge step up from the first.

        • Honestly it’s one of those games where the ambition is held back severely by the execution. It has a lot of cool ideas that didn’t quite come together with the technology of the time.

        • Pretty sure Symphony has never been released on a Nintendo platform before, and Rondo was Dracula X on the SNES wasn’t it? Think that one got a Wii VC release but that’s about it.

  • So now we just need to see exactly how badly Konami are going to fuck it up. I can see they’ve already started by charging bloody $28 for a bunch of archaic arcade games with a collective age older than my entire family put together.

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