Please, LEGO, Make This Pirate Island

Please, LEGO, Make This Pirate Island

LEGO’s Pirates sets dominated my Christmas wishlists when I was a kid. But as good as they were, from Sabre Island to the Barracuda, none were as detailed or as cool as this new design called The Pirate Bay by Bricky_Brick.

Made for LEGO’s IDEAS site, where fans vote on sets and LEGO picks some to actually get made and sold, it’s a pirate island that’s as detailed as it is massive, using wrecked ships and foliage to hide everything from a tavern to gun emplacements to a jail cell.

To get a shot at being made, an IDEAS project has to get over 10,000 votes on LEGO’s site. This is already at around 8500 after less than a month, so things are looking good!

To vote for The Pirate Bay, head here.


  • I look at that and just wonder how bad the price tag would be. During the original Pirates run in the 80s, something like that would be $100. Today, that looks like $700+

  • This looks like exactly what I’ve been wishing Lego would do for a long time – revisit their old themes like Pirates and classic Space, only with modern parts, building techniques and piece counts.

    I’d buy the crap out of this if it were an official set.

    • 100%.
      I’m not sure LEGO has taken full advantage of the nostalgia factor here.
      I would buy every set of the original space series if it was remade and updated – if only to show my young bloke what dad’s been carrying on about all misty eyed whenever we break out his LEGO.

      • I would absolutely lose my shit if we got new Space Police, Blacktron or M-Tron stuff. Those big old sets were only 300-400 pieces. Average big sets nowadays are 2000-3000 pieces. Imagine what they could do with those themes and the piece count increased tenfold.

        And it’s not like that stuff wouldn’t have appeal to a younger generation either IMO. The good Space sets still look rad.

          • Ice Planet was also awesome. Deep Freeze Defender was pretty much Lego’s zenith in the 90s, last truly excellent Spaceship set IMO. That white blue and orange color scheme as fantastic too.

            Nowadays it’s all Star Wars and don’t get me wrong, I like the Star Wars UCS sets a lot, but it’s not the same.

          • I quite liked the Spyruis set they kind of retconned into being a villain set for them. But then I’m a sucker for red and black 😛 Damn, that just reminded me the Aquanauts were a thing too, their stuff always looked pretty cool.

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