Strange Man Lures Unsuspecting Fallout 76 Players Into Deadly Labyrinth

Strange Man Lures Unsuspecting Fallout 76 Players Into Deadly Labyrinth

Role-play has always been where Fallout 76 has shown the most promise, and nothing better illustrates that than some stranger in a nightgown wandering around Appalachia searching for fresh victims to bring back to his homemade labyrinth.

As spotted by Gamesradar, a player named Korindabar has constructed a maze in Fallout 76 out of concrete and scrap metal.

Other players are invited to try to solve it in exchange for prizes. Korindabar accomplishes this by wandering the map and greeting new, low-level players, throwing all manner of welcoming emote at them until they start to follow him. He then leads them back to the maze, opens the door, and ushers them inside.

What the people don’t know is that Korindabar’s pet Deathclaw is inside.

Taming wild animals is one of the many side activities open to high-level players in Fallout 76. It requires maxing out two perk cards: Wasteland Whisperer, which gives you a chance to pacify enemies every time you shoot them, and Animal Friend, which does the same for animals.

Having both maxed out, and at least six points of charisma, will make it possible to turn almost any monster in the game into your pet. This includes the Deathclaw, one of the gamer’s most deadly beasts.

In a post on Reddit, Korindabar said it took him about three days of server hopping to successfully tame a Deathclaw and get it to go back and defend his campsite maze.

Fortunately, pets follow the same PVP rules as players, so they can’t do more than slap damage to other players unless the other players shoot first.


Of course, not everyone knows that, and even the ones who do tend to forget about that when they find a Deathclaw standing five feet away in a narrow corridor. Hope you left a trail of bread crumbs to find your way back!


  • I wonder how much you’re paid to make these articles?
    I mean by the people that made the bases, not your employer.

    You’d think Finalrender, Jug, Norespawns or myself would pop up in an article.
    Literally everyone’s worst base that I’ve listed above is better than what you’ve shown.
    In a few articles now.

    • This isn’t an article talking about Fallout 76 bases, but a funny idea about how players are interacting with each other that happens to take the form of a Fallout 76 base.

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