Battlefront Clone Wars Mod Gets Its First Release After 8 Years

Mods are a labour of love. Sometimes, that labour lasts almost a full decade.

Battlefront: The Clone Wars is a mod that, as it says on the box, tries to recapture the spirit of The Clone Wars animated series. It’s a natural marriage, one that DICE themselves have made with their Battlefront sequel, so it’s no surprise that modders have been trying to do the same.

Small problem: it’s taken a while. Eight years, according to the devs behind the project.

“I have a lot going on in my life, and I lost interest in this project,” one of the developers posted on ModDB.

The mod features the Militia, CIS and Republic as playable factions, with five Clone legions across all of Battlefront 2‘s land maps. That’s the 2006 version, for the record, not DICE’s remake.

“Your desire to see this project come to life has meant so much us that we worked hard to make a product we could proudly release,” creator SolidJames wrote. “Now that we’re finally here, I’m glad we all persevered because I think, given the nature of this old game, I have gotten very close to the experience we wanted to give you all.”

You can download Battlefront: The Clone Wars here. You’ll need the unofficial 1.3 patch as well.


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