It's Looking Like Borderlands 3 Is An Epic Exclusive

What do Metro Exodus, Supergiant's Hades, Ashen, the next game from the creator of X-COM, and seemingly, Borderlands 3 all have in common? Exclusivity with the Epic Games Store.

A deleted tweet from the Borderlands 3 account earlier this morning, which was captured on Twitter and reposted, said the game would be coming on September 13. To go with that, a Twitter ad was released showing five seconds of footage - and a small icon showcasing the Epic Games Store in the bottom left corner.

The mishap led Randy Pitchford to make some remarks on Twitter, stressing that all partnerships, pricing, and distribution is handled by 2K/Take Two, and not Gearbox. It's a statement that gives Gearbox a little distance from what seems almost certain: that Borderlands 3 is another Epic Store timed exclusive for six months, if Pitchford's comments are any indication.

"To me, exclusives are fine when they come [with] advantages and when they are short – say, six months," Pitchford wrote.

Cross platform support is a nice thought for a co-op shooter like Borderlands. But it's also evident that there's some concern over Gearbox copping the same kind of backlash that the Metro Exodus or Phoenix Point developers received when their exclusive deals were announced.

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Valve Says It's 'Unfair' That Metro Exodus Is Exclusive To Epic Store

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More Borderlands 3 news is expected over the next 24 hours. It's unlikely the date will change - Borderlands 2 launched on September 18 and September 21 seven years ago, while the original Borderlands was a late October release. But at a minimum we're due for some more gameplay footage and ability reveals, so that should be fun at least.


    To be fair to BL3, its never been advertised as being on Steam, or people promised keys for Steam.

    I still won't buy it, but I have no ire to Gearbox, and to a lesser extent, 2K on this.

      True it was never previously stated as on Steam... but this exclusive is still anti competitive since Epic doesnt have regional localised pricing (AUD price matchef or less than local retail), doesnt key sell to third parties (yet), and their "exclusives" are just banning sales on Steam as it doesnt limit Microsoft store.

      Epic is also short listing itself for an ACCC intervention if it doesnt improve refund and complaints handling (and thats just for Fortnite)

        I agree Epic's practices are anti-competitive, and their storefront provides no value to me as a user, but henceforth, I simply won't buy the game until the game is available on a platform I'm happier to use and support. But I really don't have any ire to the developer or publisher on this either.

        ACCC intervention is the least of their problems if Epic Store ends up being GDPR non-compliant.

      Exactly this. The big problem with Metro and Phoenix Point was not that it was exclusive, but that it was available and stated you would be able to play it on Steam, and then 2 weeks before it comes out, they basically pull a fast one on all the people who had already recorded on Steam by saying 'we be taking this exclusively to epic!' and was just a really bad choice.

        The people who preordered on Steam still got their steam codes. It was just that they stopped further purchases.

          Did Phoenix Point backflip on the "Steam keys a year later" thing?

            No idea with Phoenix Point. But that's definitely something to find out. Metro however didn't stop people who prepurchased from being able to use their keys on Steam. It allowed any prepurchases to still gain it on steam. It just had a cutoff date for prepurchasing.

      something that can also be pointed out is that borderlands has always used the Unreal Engine and Epic does have that thing where if you use their engine and storefront you dont have to pay for the engine license.

      I still wont be buying it until i can get it on steam as thats where 1,2 and Presequel are just like themy copies of Metro and my copy of rage. Of which Bethesda is releasing all their game on Steam as well as their own store

    Epic store exclusivity means a no buy for take two.

    Release on all stores. Not just the one acting like a dickhead.

      I'm confused by the comment, they aren't releasing on Steam.

      I certainly have quite the library on Steam but rarely do I buy through their storefront. Launchers really are a minor niggle, truth be told, and I am happy to see a real contender take on Steam and push them to be better towards the industry. They have been allowed to stagnate for too long. And if takes a bunch of developers doing timed exclusives to wake Steam up, so be it. It will be better for consumers in the long run and the long term is what we should always be looking at.

        I have games on two or three platforms now, because I lose track of which platform I have it on. That's an improvement?

        To add to that, how does this effect Steam? Before it has any significant impact, it effects the smaller competitors like GoG, who are already feeling the pinch. And they're one of the good ones! That's an improvement?

        For the developer, its a push to make more money, nothing else. And forgets the extra costs of supplying physical sales, which eats into their profit margin. So with the pressure on ALL storefronts, you'll end up with less of them, meaning less competition. Less competition means less sales, which means higher prices. We're already seeing it now, with games years old still full price. That's an improvement?

        Epic isn't helping competition, its rewarding limitations. Limiting customer feedback, limiting choice, limiting competition. And in the end, limiting the profit these developers ultimately make.

        That's not an improvement.

        Steam has enough capital to brush away things like this. Its not steam im worried about.

        Its GOG and other stores. They are the ones that will be harmed by Epic. Not steam.

        Epic is being self-centered, They are harming the pc market, Not helping it.

    Wow, played and own all thier previous games through Steam, and now another game distribution to Epic's beta client. Overcharging is bad enough, and now another exclusive game, good reason not to buy stuff until it's highly discounted.

    The last point Pitchford makes regarding Epic's help with cross-platform support is the first decent point I've seen in favour of Epic. The battle they fought with Sony for Fortnite creates a path to be followed, so cross-platform play can be a real possibility, rather than just the pipe-dream its been in years past.

    Borderlands might only have a 4 player multiplayer, but the ability to cross-play even with that small a number only helps games in general. If Epic can pull that off for more games, its a reason to show some support.

    Over a billion weapons, but pre-order now to receive a half a dozen useless-after-5-minutes level one weapons with gold skins!

    yeah no thanks

    Not a fan of this emerging trend

      It won't last long. I'm sure Epic will stop forking out money for exclusives once they're up and running.

        Need to get the kiddies to stop buying Fortcrack shit.

    Why do developers hate the people who want to buy and play their games? Oh right, they want all the money while paying as little as possible to the people helping get their game out there and provide post-release management. At least they'll sell the game at a lower price now because they don't need to compensate as much for the distributor take... right? Right?

      Allegedly it was 2K's decision and not Gearbox's so it technically wasn't the developers, but instead it was the publishers decision. Your point still stands though. Just about all the publishers pull this wack shit because all they want is more fucking money.

    Worth re-mentioning the bigger cut the Epic store gives to Devs. And that Valve is one of the richest video game related companies in the world despite releasing almost 0 games for a long long time.
    Yet another launcher is mildly annoying, but not new. I don't care where I buy my games as long as I'm not getting shafted on the price and the game is good.
    And if it enables the makers of good games to make more good games instead of glorified middlemen rolling in scrooge mc'duck moneybins? All the better.

      Except in this case it's going to be the publisher who gets bigger cut and it remains to be seen if that transfers to the devs themselves.
      Which means the middleman will definetly be the one to benefit.

      I'm sure many publishers will say that the extra $ means more options for funding further down the line, though that doesn't actually mean devs will get more.
      I would make a habit of asking these publishers if they plan to sweeten the deal for the devs or if they will keep things the same and pocket the extra.

        Take Two is a publicly traded company. Any extra money the publisher gets is either going to executive bonuses or shareholders.

          Oooooh yeah, I was trying not to be overly cynical for once but my all was they keep the funding model the same and pocket the rest, without a doubt.

      "I don't care where I buy my games as long as I'm not getting shafted on the price"

      Epic does not have local pricing for Australia
      Steam does.

      Epic is shafting you on price.

        Additionally, if the game is exclusive to epic and there are no third party re-sellers, they will screw you on price no doubt. Origin are a good example at the moment, their store is 30-40% more than third party sellers even though you are dealing direct, digital from the publisher! They don't even sell wholesale keys for some versions of their games, so you can't buy them from anywhere but said store. This is not fair competition in the market.

      Pretty much this. I don't understand people bringing up the ACCC, retail exclusivity is nothing new. Just think about how many brands have items that are only available at Kmart, Target, Big W, Coles, Woolies, etc...

      I wonder if there'd be the same backlash if Epic made their own console complete with exclusives.

    Wait, this is real? I just assumed it must've been an April Fool's joke.

      given that Randy Pitchford is already doing damage control claiming these decisions are made by 2k and not him its pretty obvious this is real.

    I can't believe steam hasn't chased or announced any exclusives of their own, or is basically every game *not* on Epic a steam *exclusive* ? Or are there many games on both platforms as of now? Somebody help me out here, I'm a console guy.

      OK, and also, wtf do 2K need to secure this exclusivity deal for more $$$? They did publish gta5, rdr2 etc right? They are a hugely wealthy publisher , is this not correct? This is fucking ridiculous.

      Steam's never done exclusives. There might be games exclusively for sale on its platform, but vendors aren't locked into it either.

        Pretty sure Valve's games are all exclusive to Steam. Either we're ok with publishers choosing where to sell their games or we're not.

          And we were okay with it when the Publisher sold inside their own store only.

          Epics only game for sale in its own store is Fortnite, everything else is currently paid exclusives.

            We were and still are ok with it. The argument that 'epic store exclusive is bad' is so arbitrary that it's bordering on pointless. 30 years of console and operating system exclusives is proof enough that we don't mind them. Now that the barrier is software some entitled people want to lose their minds over it.

            I've already got half a dozen launchers for various games and storefronts. As annoying as it might be, even 10 more wouldn't break the bank.

              Yeah, no one else has literally bribed publishers into their ecosystes though, with competition on PC being between what each store could bring to the table for the user.

              On top of that, Epic's lying to end users, repeated security breaches, and overly 'friendly' client that scrapes far too much personal information, is not something that should be supported either.

              If people were really sick of Steam, they would have supported GoG.

      If your a console guy you will likely remember when Sony and MS went down the same path with their own, scorched earth, bridge burning exclusive drive.
      It ended up stoking the same bad reactions from gamers and only ended up hurting both their reputations.

      Valve is prob letting Epic cop the flack and I've said it before, all they need to do is tweak their services and dev/publisher cut a little which will likely take a while to put to paper, in the meantime letting Epic further annoy consumers.

        I expect thats part of it, but I also suspect that Valve really doesnt care. Its platform is so big now that losing a handful of titles really wont hurt it. If they're releasing 100 games a week (no idea of the number, its probably that per day. Anyone?) then 1 isnt a biggie, even if its the biggest game of that week.

        Its their competition that will suffer first, which probably helps Steam before it hurts them.

    Hahahaha yet another one I won't buy. Frustrating as it is, I still have plenty of other games to play in the interim.

    I'm getting it for PS4 anyway because most of my friends who love the series play on PS4, I'll eventually buy it again on PC whenever it goes on sale (on whatever launcher it's available on because it doesn't annoy me as much as everyone else).

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