Persona 5 The Royal Adds New Phantom Thief, Comes West Next Year

Persona 5 The Royal Adds New Phantom Thief, Comes West Next Year

After way too many teases, Atlus has revealed details about Persona 5 The Royal. The upgraded edition of the 2016 RPG hit will add a new party member and expand on social elements such as confidants and city exploration.

The Royal was outlined in a trailer today, which dropped details on what to expect from this expanded version of Persona 5. Some of the more straight forward updates include graphical upgrades and new music.

The trailer also revealed a new party member: Kasumi Yoshizawa. She is a transfer student to Shujin Academy who will join the Phantom Thieves in their various heists and escapades.

The trailer also outlined some expansions including an entirely new area to explore and confidant social links to complete. Social Links are ongoing relationships with certain character that involve hanging out and helping with their personal stories. The Royal adds a new confidant, a counsellor at Shujin Academy.

Last but not least, there’s finally a release date. Persona 5 The Royal releases in Japan on October 31, and will come to the West sometime in 2020. Eager Phantom Thieves will have to wait a while before stealing hearts again, but with further announcements for Persona 5 S on the way, perhaps the wait for some more stylish battles will be shorter than planned.


  • Well that looks amazing, a new confidante is great and I’m definitely down to hang out at a bar called Penguin Sniper. But I wonder how integrated the new character will be with the rest of the story. Even if she’s added towards the end, wouldn’t there need to be a lot (a LOT) of rewritten dialogue and reanimated scenes involving all the other characters? A huge part of the game’s charm is the interactions between them all. Anyway, can’t wait, I’ll buy day one.

  • Don’t get your hopes up for Persona 5 The Royal yet bass400.
    While Persona 5 The Royal will only be a Playstation 4 exclusive and that Persona 5 The Royal is due to come out for PS4 next year.
    Keep your fingers crossed because Atlus is due to make 1 more announcement tomorrow regarding Persona 5 S which I’m hoping will be called Persona 5 for the Nintendo Switch.
    And if Persona 5 does come to the Nintendo Switch then count me in Atlus.

  • As much as I loved Persona 5, I just don’t have a spare 100 hours to go through it again. Wishing I’d waited for this version 🙁

    • This. RPGs are a story alongside a gameplay experience. Changing the story and introducing new characters is a bit shitty in my book. Save the new content for new games!

  • I was kind of hoping for a PC version, since I knew it was unlikely they’d put this one on PS3 and PC is the only other way I’d be able to play it. I suppose it’s still not entirely out of the question, but the odds are definitely not good, which is a shame.

    Looks nice though, and I hope it does well.

  • Never finished the original & somehow this makes me want to finish it less because will also know that there will be a “more complete” version.
    finding this with a lot of games these days -especially as DLC and expansions that come ages after the fact become more common.

  • Most importantly: Is this an upgrade for the existing game or will we have to buy the entire game again to get this?

    If it’s the latter, then I have zero interest in getting it at all.

    • This is Atlus we’re talking about, they’ll make you have to buy it again if you want to play the new content.

  • Any indication as to whether this version will be coming out on Switch? I’m down to play it again, but I don’t know if I have the energy to do so unless I can bring it with me.

  • I loved P5, but I’m not sure this is enough to warrant replaying (and rebuying) the game. Different if the new character was a FeMC that you could play through the whole story as, like P3P.

  • The last few months of the year will be playable as well from what I’ve read, meaning there’ll be one or two new dungeons if it’s anything like Persona 4 -> Persona 4 Golden.

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