Yu-Gi-Oh Tournaments Adds Rule Asking Players To Shower

Yu-Gi-Oh Tournaments Adds Rule Asking Players To Shower

Conventions and gamer tournaments have developed a good reason for having a funky reputation. Card games are no stranger to this nasal phenomenon, and apparently the prevalence of odour is so strong at Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments that Konami has now officially introduced a rule penalising players for their hygiene.

The official tournament rules were updated on Thursday, adding a subsection specifically around hygiene. It’s short and sweet, and says the thing that nobody wants to say but everybody has thought at least once when attending a con or a major card game tournament: please shower.

Image: yugioh-card.com

A large part of the problem with game stores is a lack of good ventilation, rather than the players. Without good airflow, one bad curry fart can decimate the whole crowd. But the level of human bioterrorism at Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments is obviously next level.

Part of me shudders that this even has to be officially sanctioned. But just imagine being the poor judges who have to enforce this.


  • It’s amazing how this actually needs to be included. I’ve been to gaming events/bars/comic cons and the odour from some people is honestly atrocious. Its common decency for crying out loud.

  • This is hilarious as most of the community of Yugioh players at our local card shop absoloutely reek. We would be playing magic up the back of the shop and can still smell them.

    • Hahah I like this idea that players of different card games have different smells stereotyped to them.. What do Keyforge players smell like? Netrunner players?? 🙂

    • Amusingly, I was going to note that this is what stopped myself and my brother+his partner from entering Magic tourneys and playing Warhammer: the smell. North side, south side, doesn’t matter. It’s like… a uniform problem regardless of venue.

  • My local GameTraders frequently holds card game tournaments and it’s honestly bad for business because it makes the store stink, you can’t step foot in there without being hit with the smell of poor hygiene.

  • Can also attest to this at my local gametraders. I don’t play cards so I don’t have to put up with it long while I’m having a browse but yeah, very unpleasant.

  • There’s a reason I played at the store with the open areas and good ventilation. Once that closed the only alternative venue was … unpleasant.

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