Anthem Gets New Update After Weeks Of Radio Silence

Anthem Gets New Update After Weeks Of Radio Silence

After weeks of saying almost nothing about the multiplayer space shooter Anthem, BioWare has announced a new update, a public test server for PC players, and that new details about its end-game Cataclysm event, originally promised for launch in May, will be arriving tomorrow during a developer livestream.

Anthem’s 1.2 update doesn’t dramatically alter the game or add much in the way of new content outside of additional Legendary missions, but it does add the option for players to fast-travel during freeplay to any of the strider locations on the map, something that will make travel in that mode a lot less gruelling.

What players have really been eager to learn about is the game’s Cataclysm, teased back before release as one of the game’s most challenging and involved end game activities, closer in scale to a Destiny-style raid than Anthem’s existing stronghold missions.

BioWare community manager Jesse Anderson announced on the EA Forum that players will finally get their first glimpse of it during a developer livestream tomorrow.

There’s still no news of when the event will go live in the game, however. It was originally supposed to be released before the end of May, but was indefinitely delayed at the end of April, with Anthem’s developers citing the need to work more on fixing the underlying game. Rather than give a release date, Anderson said in the forum post that BioWare will be eliciting players’ help to test it first.

“Rather than rush it out the door, we want to take time and get feedback from you and make changes based on what we hear,” Anderson wrote. “In order to do that we are releasing a Public Test Server (PTS) on PC, which will allow you to see the content as it is being developed and gives you the ability to provide feedback.”

While it’s not much, it’s better than the radio silence remaining players have been dealing with for the last three weeks following the game’s previous May 7 update. During that time, the game’s subreddit has lost many of its active users, while those who have stuck around have been desperate for any news of the game’s continued development. At least now they know they won’t have to wait until E3.


  • 1.1.1 to 1.2 is such a weak update. It didnt realky add anything but QoL and bug fixes, bad patch numbering imo.

    It feels like a 1.1.2

  • Remember when Bioware was a titan among game developers? So sad to see them reduced to this state, releasing mediocre games and updates. How the mighty have fallen.

  • All they need to do now is out out a, “We’re listening”, statement to go full Bungie.

    I just watched the Zero Punctuation review the other day and EA as a drunk tantrum throwing toddler had me in tears, poor Bioware.

    • But they already did with SWTOR, and then proceeded to do nothing of what the existing subs wanted. They then later did a we are listening and will engage with the community when Ben Irving stepped down as lead producer of SWTOR and was replaced with Keith Kanneg, and that lasted just a few short months before they went back to their typical way of silence, and only commenting on select threads that was favorable to Bioware and SWTOR. All the hard question threads were routinely ignored. Even the person whose job it is to engage with the forums as Community Manager (Eric Musco), barely engages and when he does, it is in double talk and provides very little info people want.

      Every other MMO out there can produce a road map that covers the year forward. SWTOR struggles to produce a month’s ahead road map, and the content it has is thread bare at best. I like to think it is all EA’s fault, but Bioware (Austin) have much to shoulder in terms of blame and behavior as well. And it seems it is an endemic mentality in Bioware as a whole, because they are doing the same thing with Anthem now.

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